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    Firstly, sorry if this isn't the right forum to ask. I have some questions about nofap and I would really appreciate your input.
    I asked on the subreddit but I didn't get any answers.

    I have noticed a weird thing with my body after some days and it keeps happening. Every 4-5 days when I go in bathroom after I'm done peeing, I notice in the end some semen. I tried searching on the internet about this but I'm srill not sure if this is "semen leakage", "Retrograde ejaculation", or just a normal process of the body to remove old sperm. I don't know if this slows down my progress or invalidates it all. If anyone has any info in this please let me know.

    Also, is porn bad because we fap to it or is it another reason ? I'm asking this because I sometimes go in some websites which occasional porn pops up, I don't open it up or get urges from these, but I'm curious is this bad or not.

    Last question is about "fantasy", on the first days all I could think of was fantasizing with someone else (I didn't relapse or edge). Now I still fantasize sometimes, do I need to work to stop this or is this allowed. I'm pretty disciplied so I won't relapse but again, I don't k ow if this slows down my progress or invalidates it all.

    Thank you in advance and YOU GOT THIS, HANG IN THERE !

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