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    I have been trying again again to leave this habit as my body has starting giving up
    I feel weak all the times and mind is completely fogged and power to remember something in my mind is falling down , Other than this I am in other stresses too
    like the Engineering exam (JEE Mains) which needs 2 years of hard preparation in class 11th and 12th but my class 11 has been ruined by it so basically I have only 1 year to prepare it, Today I relapsed after 7 days my joint longest streak (I actually M but without watching P) so you can say I am on day 0 for M but day 7 on P .I basically have no time for outings to go and meet friends because they all from different streams and they chill all the time and are serious P addicts and they love it and consider it normal even M 'ing 4 times a day! Or you can conclude I have no friends at all... I am a type of cutoff from society and I don't like meeting people because all the b*stards I meet , think P is good and cool .
    I am feeling depressed and lonely because every time I relapsed , I had a reason but today I had none I have no reason why I M today because of maybe on 7th day?
    Okay so after wasting your precious time , I need some answers to questions

    1 > Is it possible to use the stress of exam as an weapon to fight P and M?
    2 > I seriously have no time to exercise because I had to study at least 10 hours a day
    what can I do to divert the mind?
    3 > It happens to me everytime that I always feels depressed how to stay happy?
    4> Even if I never watch P again I know quitting M is almost impossible but I promise I will take this streak of no P to very long interval as I am motivated , will alone no P help if I M once a week?
    5> Do you know any group which chats is all about No PMO as I want to join some groups for tips.

    Let me give a brief time table of mine daily

    1> waking up at 6:30
    2> Study till 10:00
    3> breakfast and bath till 11:00
    4> Study from 11:00 to 1:00
    5>1:00 to 2:30 Lunch + Television
    6> sleep till 4:00 again
    7> 4:00 to 6:00 study
    8> 6:00 to 7:00 I am free at this time to relax (but i never watch P or M )
    9> till 8:00 study
    10> 8:00 to 9:15 > Dinner and Television
    11> Now the major time comes b/w 9:30 to 12:00 where I try and study but always fail and end up surfing on google weird stuff and even that trash YouTube but I am not active on any other social platform. This is the time where I watch 100% of all P which I have watched or you can say this time triggers me a lot ,

    Sorry for poor english and please suggest some edits in time table because I cannot reduce time in studies........
    Thanking you all,
    16 year old
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    Hey man, sorry to hear you're struggling. It seems like your studying routine is very intense! I can confidentaly say that you are doing VERY well already! The amount of work you do each day is incredible and is at a level most people would only dream of getting to. All this work AND you're quitting P? Incredible. Well done!

    How to help your problem then... First I would say socializing is extremely important. If your current friends constantly talk about P, then you have 2 options.

    1. Tell your friends frankly that you don't want to discuss P anymore as you are on a journey to quit it. Mention nofap maybe. I've found telling my friends about what i'm doing is pretty easy, most are sympathetic and some even want to try it themselves.

    2. Find new friends. Obviously this is hard with your lack of free time but there are other ways of meeting people online. Join a discord group relating to one of your passions in life (I'm sure there are loads of good engineering ones), sign up for an online class, play an MMO with a focus on teamwork. There are options. You could even reach out to older friends or ones you have drifted apart with over the years. Everyone is craving connection during this pandemic, so most people will appreciate a message.

    Finally I would say that It's important not to beat yourself up over MO'ing. There are different ways of approaching quitting P and it's perfectly fine trying different ones, especially if you are spending most of your day studying. Many people get great results in 'normal mode' but whatever path you choose, the most important thing is that you don't hate yourself for slipping up. 'NO PORN' is the priority, everything around that is for you to decide.
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    Thank you mate and I appreciate your patience to read my English XD.
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    Try doing sports even walking at your house or a 15-1hrs walk a day. You will study better, also it seems in your schedule you have some hours free.
    This walks or push ups what ever you want will help greatly.
    I remember times in college where I spent days non sleeping but always did some work up even a little and always relaxed me and helped alot with urges and to study better and deal with the stress.
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