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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Sunshadow, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Sunshadow

    Sunshadow Distinguished Fapstronaut

    I have not visited the forums for over a year. Is it just me, or have the forums got a lot quieter in that time?
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  2. Triplex VII

    Triplex VII Fapstronaut

    I have only joined but a couple weeks ago so I cannot say anything about the status of the forums at an earlier time. But they seem active enough to me as of late. I would like more new threads, but there seems to be plenty of overall activity.
  3. This forum isn’t quiet at all. If you’re talking about off topic sure I guess, but that’s not what this site is about. Go to any other part of the forum and you’ll see people making lots of posts.
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  4. Im getting tired of it tbph. I disagree w a good amount of people's values on here & viceversa. It seems to be a waste of time recently.

    The nofap dudes fucked the off-topic section up. Idk.. some people here are pretentious about their lifestyle/religion/ideas.

    Seems redundant. I don't think people would notice or care if i left. Mainly bc i just keep it real 24/7 on here (due to anonymity) & alot of people can't wrap their minds around what im saying. Especially if it slightly goes against their values.
  5. People disagreeing with you doesn't mean they "can't wrap their minds around what you're saying." They just disagree with it. Insulting the intelligence of anyone who disagrees with your lifestyle isn't very open-minded, as you claim to be.
  6. onceaking

    onceaking Fapstronaut

    A new group for political and social discussions was set up recently so anything like that gets moved there. So maybe that's why it seems quiet.
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  7. keepitinmybriefs

    keepitinmybriefs Fapstronaut

    I also joined recently. It doesn't seem as active as some other forums I've been in, but it's certainly not dead.
  8. .... miscommunication. Whatever, its all good. I still fux w you. Good luck castielle
  9. Yeah I'd say there's a lot of low quality posts these days. But then again, I don't really need this site anymore. I mostly just like to offer help to people. But you see a lot of pseudo science and stupid questions. And the number one thing is Literally no one reads the FAQ before posting...
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  10. LEPAGE

    LEPAGE Fapstronaut

    I'd agree that the forum seems quiet, the off topic section in particular. Some of this is due to people leaving. I've never thought this place was as good as it was when I first logged on in summer 2017. Some people make good and move on. Some give up. Some just disappear. Either way, that's just how it goes. A lot of content has also been moved over the last year, either to the sandbox or to a group, so some threads that may have taken off were missed.
  11. Some get banned because they mistake "Rebooting" for "Political debate"
  12. Eh... it's a mix of more quiet and more lonely for me. I used to read the journals of a lot of users here, but a lot of them have stopped posting. Two of them succeeded in their reboot. Some just had life get in the way. Others just disappeared.
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  13. I dunno man. People have lives, and there is a world where we all have to live in. Personally, I come here on my down time to hangout. I wouldn't worry about it too much almost all internet forums are like this
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  14. Spiff

    Spiff Fapstronaut

    I left a year or two ago and just came back to check things out, the off-topic area used to be full of interesting discussions. Seems like the whole area just got nerfed or something. I don't know if it's just because the contributors changed, or if Nofap policy changed because people whined when ideas were presented that they took offense to.

    Edited - just read the FAQ and saw that no political or religion discussions here. The groups are a mess to navigate and they lack any central area for these kinds of discussions. What good is a conversation about religion if all the people in it agree with each other? I guess that's why this area has suffered.

    I guess this is where our society is at, can't have a civilized conversation about weighty ideas with people of varied ideas without it all going awry. People have such thin skin.
  15. NoFap isn't society. They get to decide their own rules as they see fit to ensure the health of the Forum. I side with the mods on this one.
  16. keepitinmybriefs

    keepitinmybriefs Fapstronaut

    The point isn't to have a group where everyone agrees with each other, it's to have discussion focused on the actual focus of the forums. We all have different religious and political opinions, and a lot of them aren't really compatible with each other, and that can often get ugly. That's historically happened in a lot of forums that don't moderate that sort of thing, which is why they started moderating it. What a lot of forums do have is a dedicated RSP board, and all that stuff is confined to there. I think that's a good idea.
  17. Deadlihood

    Deadlihood Fapstronaut

    Spiff goes to his local AA meetings and scolds every alcoholic for being too sensitive. Lol.
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  18. Infrasapiens

    Infrasapiens Fapstronaut

    The amount of idiots is going down and that's not fun. I like when there are idiots around, they make the forum feel more alive.

    Remember the guy who said he had intercourse with animals in an attempt to draw attention to him? He was very stupid.
  19. If I want a little more excitement I go to incels. I saw a post the other day where someone said that animal P**sy looks better than human P**sy. They even posted images to try and make their point. One guy even said he was attracted to goats. I think they were trying to decide their options for sex because women were clearly out of the picture. It was really funny.
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  20. He made 3/4 accounts and I know his active account as well. But honestly, I don't care, he stopped his spamming sprees. And a guy who makes half a dozen accounts to spam stupid stuff is already pretty miserable so whatever, let them exist too.
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