Quit caffeine for more succsess?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Deleted Account, May 15, 2021.

  1. Title.

    Should i stop taking caffeine like cofee and energy? Personaly i have troubles getting into sleep, and my longest streaks where witout coffee.
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  2. Akeakua

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    For me personally, I notice when I drink any more than one cup of coffee a day, it makes me feel misaligned in some way. This is usually because a second cup of coffee for me, I take without practical purpose -- because I like coffee. That action snowballs in doing a lot of things purely because "I like x" and whole days go wasted for me. It's just the personal association the second cup has taken in my life.
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  3. Rents77

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    Personally, I chug 3-4 coffees a day and sleep like a baby - it's one of my addictions that I'll likely carry to my grave.
    The real problem for me is if I have a Coke, then I won't be able to get any sleep.

    It's a matter of how your organism handles it, if you try going without coffee for a few days and sleep better, then you have your answer.
  4. En?gma

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    in my opinion energy drinks are modern day alchimia. Coffee is d
    addictive some people drnk more than 6 cups for day. they don't energize me, they make me sleep. The only answer is Black tea or Vitamin Water.
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  5. terryhenry

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    Try not having coffee for a day or two and see if you notice much difference. Everyone is different in how caffeine effects them...I have recently looked at changing the coffee I buy and making sure it’s from a good source and organic.
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  6. i went once a week with no caffeine and i had a lot more energy and slept a lot better
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  7. greatvortex

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    Try abstaining. If you don't regret abstaining for a week or two, continue abstaining, just like with NoFap. I'm very happy right now, after abstaining for 50 or so days, therefore I'm not going to fap. I don't drink coffee (I find coffee disgusting personally) so I can't talk much about coffee, but I guess the scenario I described kind of applies right?
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  8. How much do you usually have per day? I only drink when I wake up, and a small one after lunch. That's all. How about you?

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