Quit drinking Coffee?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by RainbowShell, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. RainbowShell

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    I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, and I do not sleep well. I was wondering maybe quitting coffee would be a good thing for me. Im an addict when it comes to coffee, I tried quitting but could not quit for more then 1 day then the pain was too much.

    Has anyone else quit drinking caffeinated drinks and if so did anyone experience any benefits?
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  2. From my experience switching to tea is a great transition. You still have caffeine but less and then you can lower the amounts until you quit. It helped me. I did go back though because I only did it for Lent.
  3. Little Bo Peep

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    While coffee in itself isn’t bad per sey, if you’re sensitive to caffeine or suffer from Anxiety doctors always recommend cutting down the amount you drink or skip it altogether. The same goes for fizzy drinks as well, those drinks raise and alter your blood sugar levels, which can make you feel anxious and even worse if you already suffer from problems.
  4. RalphMcDonald

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    A lot of caffeine intake can make anxiety worse and trigger anxiety attacks. Too many cups of coffee may leave feeling moody, nervous and keep awake all night. I know it is very difficult to quit suddenly but you should try at once and that depends on how many cups you drink. If you are drinking 4-5 times per day then don't quit completely, try reducing it to 2-3 times a day and keep reducing. This will definitely help.
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  5. I second what Max says about weaning yourself off of the caffeine. I had to do this since if I just stopped cold turkey then I would have gotten massive headaches. I was off coffee for a while and then re-introduced it back into my diet. I now have about one cup maybe two every now and then.
  6. wanderthesword

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    Coffee can make your anxiety worse, it is a stimulant after all. Make sure you are not feeling nervous or anxious when drinking coffee
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  7. badbanana

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    I quit the caffeine. Totally worth it. It brings your energy level down a bit but it lasts all day. I have a easier time sleeping aswell. At first it felt so weird being tired after work. I still have a cup every once in awhile on the weekend but avoid it entirely on weekdays and especially at home.
  8. shamrock19

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    I quit caffeine for a while before, there is no doubt you sleep much better... the only thing to watch out for is, like porn, the withdrawals , i mean theyre not that bad.. for me it was like 2 days of headaches and feeling super tired, but ive heard they can be worse so heads up
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  9. Anubis Rises

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    My Journal
    i use to have panick aniexty attacks , i tried quiting caffeine i cant do it, i only drink pot a coffee in the morning then nothing in the afternoon an evening,during work days, days off i try only one cup, if i dont have coffee i have a bad headache, coffee helps me function , helps my memory an energy so i think ill drink it the rest of my life

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