Quit PMO and Nicotine addiction together.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Osem, Aug 15, 2020.

  1. Osem

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    Today i'm the happiest person on the planet !

    I did a 15 day streak of no tobacco :emoji_grin:(cigarettes and snuff), i've started tobacco and porn addiction 8 years ago.

    The reason why i'm posting this on NoFap is I've found that the advice and information here is pretty useful and helpful to fight any other kind of addiction i have in my life like : video games, social media, sugar.

    first week was so damn hard, i've struggled with headache, depression, anxiety and stress.

    i had 2 relapses : PMO and video games ( i was so damn addicted to Counter strike)

    PMO : only 7 days ((

    video games addiction : 2 months then i relapsed and i reset today after I've broken my screen so that i never play this shit anymore ! i've deleted the game and steam ...

    After 2 weeks without tobacco :
    -i feel lot healthier
    -brain fog reduced
    -my confidence increased
    -feeling of shame reduced
    -i'm eating a lot XD bcs i'm struggling with empty feelings (general rebooting symptom for Nicotine Addicts)

    I'm using some ideas of Alan Karr (easy way to stop smoking) and it's working like hell <3.

    After 2 months without Counter strike :
    -i had PAWS ((
    -i felt responsible
    -I'm more social person
    -i have more confidence
    -social anxiety reduced
    -my life is normal now thanks god
    -i feel sense of control over my life
    -sleeping better


    that's it this my FATE and i'm Accepting it. :emoji_clap:

    Dude imagine living a life for 8 years where you are addicted for video games, social media, porn, masturbation, tobacco, sugar , junk food ! isn't this the hell itself.. i don't call it a life at all.:emoji_confounded::emoji_confounded:

    We are humans, GOD made us to seek pleasure and enjoy this life !

    But our problem is that we want only to enjoy only good feelings, we don't accept life
    ups and downs.

    Technology make us fucking stupid Artificial Dopamine addicts :emoji_rage:

    You can't be free until you accept the fact that i mentioned above.

    good luck for every one !:emoji_raised_hand:
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    Awesome. Keep on going!
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    congratulations ur taking steps and getting benefits out of it.....

    good luck buddy with ur plans.....

    keep posting.....
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  4. Osem

    Osem Fapstronaut

    Thank You guys :emoji_grinning:
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  5. I agree technology and social media are dumbing down humanity yet in a manner that makes them view themself as more intelligent than yesteryear lol?!

    Hope you are off nicotine today I should set a goal to get off it alongside fapping.

    Will start today since I ran out yesterday and can't buy anything until Friday if I can get a couple solid days away I might be able to resist purchasing another ecig.

    I read a professor at a university in Cali talking about social media turning us into idiots and by being aware of it one can prevent it. He also said digital tech is halting human evolution and it was a published book of his essays like intricately thought out.
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