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    I quit smoking about 3 months ago and I noticed my pmo issues got even worse. I fapped 10 times in the last 3 days and if not for mental fatigue and skin issues I wouldn't have the discipline to stop myself. I know I am overdoing but my my sexual stimuli is out of control and keeps asking for more. Does anyone have experience in this subject and have an idea if this stabilizes or just get worse? I am definitely not gonna break smoking just to control my pmo issues but this is getting ridiculous. It be great if I can just limit myself to fapping 3-4 times a week. Not even gonna bother with nofap streaks. It never did anything for me but make it worse.
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    The smoking addiction has transfered itself into PMO to compensate.

    Addiction is an powerful enemy with many arms that never gets tired. Its impossible to fight several battles at once and expect to win all of them or any of them.

    Just for Today, I am focusing on my PMO addiction. The rest can wait. Though it is common for an addict to want to take on the entire world all at once. This is especially true for me.

    First Things First
    Easy Does It
    One day at a Time

    Never Lose Hope
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    Got a similar problem, i have four big issues: pmo, smoking, gaming, energydrinks and i struggled a lot to keep them in check. Once i quit gaming i would just spent more time with pmo and smoking. If i quit pmo i would just play more excessively. If i cut down on energydrinks i would just smoke more and so on.
    I think the issue is, that you dont know what else to do. You dont have any positive habits that help you get through the tough times. You have to start building these, improve yourself, find alternatives to pmo and smoking and take it one step at a time.
    I have been working for the past 4 month to built all kinds of habits and deal with my personal issues and by now i dont play videogames anymore, i pmo only every other day, i smoke less and have made some progress in terms of quitting for good and my energydrink consumption is down to a reasonable level. Instead of doing all this nonsense, i do sports, i socialize, i keep my rrom clean, i read, meditate, organize my life.
    But it takes effort to built all this up, especially when you have to start from the ground up.
    Ask yourself every day, what little thing could i do to make my life better, and eventually it will become easier to avoid the addictionhell.
  4. You substituted your smoking addiction for porn and masturbation. Both are negative hobbies, difference is smoking actually kills you and your body.
    All you can do is avoid both smoking and pmo. Those won't improve anything for you.

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