Quiting PMO the Hard Way

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  1. Alright so lately I have fallen victim to days even weeks of relapses. Literally to a point where last week I told myself its time to change things up a bit. So after doing some binge watching on YouTube I came to the conclusion that the only way I am going to beat this is by going hard core mode. Now there is a guy on YouTube is name is JK. He has literally hundreds of coaching videos and tools to help guys like us. There is also someone by the name of Universal Man. That is just a YouTube name. But those two guys actually have very similar coaching styles. That is where I got this idea of hard core mode.

    So what is hard core mode. Well I will help sum it up for you.
    1. Block out all APPS/websites that you have either used for porn or have any sort of pornagraphic images.
    2. Quit Social Media (ALL OF IT). This was a hard one for me to swallow. I still am struggling on day 5 but I know its for the best. You have to be willing to quit every social media site that you are on. Especially sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
    3. Absolutely no masturbation, no porn, no edging etc. This has been a killer of many streaks for me. Edging is a dangerous game gents and I highly suggest staying away from it.

    Really its not that hard on paper but when you actually put it in work... Boy your gonna have fun. Now this may not be for everyone which I understand. But for those who think that its okay to do stuff like masturbating etc without the P and are still struggling. I ask you to just take a step back and think "Where am I going with this".

    For those who have succeeded using the hard core mode. Share your success stories in the comment section!!!!
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    im on day 1 here i uninstalled facebook because i use it too much .

    hardcore mode is a good idea
    especially for guys like me who are heavily addicted to porn
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    I am here to help not to ruin and say to go back to your bad habits, I am not a subject to be used as an exuse Just Some Clarification. First, Hardcore mode takes too much willpower, so you may slip for other desires than pmo like sugar or somehing that has a lot of dopamine. If you are able then do it... Hardcore mode on. But you just also reward yourself or you will be very "empty" eating healthy is Good Excerise or stretching for 10 to 20 mins is Great Seeing improments AMAZING. Hope this helps.

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