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    Hi all,

    Been reading a book... yourbrainonporn. My GF brought it in, to read it for her work. I got interested and took it up. Almost finished it in an instant.

    Thats what me got started... checking into reddit/nofap... been wondering about why I watch porn anyways... also discussed it with my GF. Then I talked about it with some friends, one of them is now in aswell.

    I decided i'm done with jerking off to pics I(~2/3 times a week) or movies of girls you've never met... with whom you have no connection at all. Why am I wasting my time with that anyway? I don't think I'm really addicted, but we'll see what happens when I feel the urge in a forgotten moment.

    Having multiple tabs open, spending some hours before the computer finding the right movie... done with that.

    #yolo so stop wasting my time.
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  2. Hello there... :)
    Welcome to the community! :)
    I hope you find the strength and discipline to succeed with your self improvement goals. Good Luck! :)

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    welcome and good luck as you being u'r journey..

    there are a lot of positive benefits if we successfully latch on this nofap lifestyle.. Wishing you the best
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    Wish you luck buddy, Welcome to Nofap.
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