Quitting a Growing Addiciton

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    Hello everybody! I am addicted to porn. I was becoming more addicted over the past year with the help of a magical herb called ganja. It made watching porn one hundred times more pleasurable, so it was much easier to get hooked. When I got high, my porn use became more compulsive. I would nervously wait for an opportunity to fap to porn, and I would fap several times during the night and the following morning.

    Since my problem with porn became worse, I started seeing a girl. Before then, I was a kissless virgin. We had sex a few times, but I had toruble keeping and erection. I was never able to orgasm with her, unlike orgasming to porn, which was easy.

    I'm quitting now. This isn't the lifestyle I want to live. I want better sex with this girl. I want to reverse the changes made to my brain since becoming addicted to porn. I can't think so clearly right now, but I am sure that quitting will be good for me. I just want to treat myself better. I'm want to work out, eat healthy, and be productive, and I believe that quitting addictive behavior will help with all of that. I want to turn my life around.

    I'm going the full-90 days. No fapping, no edging, no porn. Wish me luck!
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