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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by FormerFapaholic, May 3, 2017.

  1. FormerFapaholic

    FormerFapaholic Fapstronaut

    As well as doing NoFap. Has anyone on here quit some - if not, all - social media networks to deal with and combat loneliness.

    Personally, I've done this to avoid comparing myself to others without making me feel inadequate about myself and my own life. Marriage, kids, nice car, decent job, etc. No pressure to improve myself. Worse still - sat there, wasting time and procrastinating.

    Before you say, I know that a lot of people portray their lives as perfect. But I know for a fact that it isn't a bed of roses as they make out it is.

    I can't be assed with that bullshit. I for one, has made a major cutback from social media - and even quit some social networks altogether. Life is so much better, and it's a real case of less is more.

    Has anyone quit or made a major cutback from being on social media to deal with loneliness?
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  2. Mumm Ra

    Mumm Ra Fapstronaut

    I didn't cut back for loneliness per se, but I did cut out social media because it had become a trigger for me to relapse, and I think that this can happen to a lot of us. That said, I noticed before that I would compare myself to others on LinkedIn of all places (I guess job titles are important to me). If something negatively impacts you, and it seems like you recognize that social media does, then remove it from your life mercilessly.
  3. John84

    John84 Fapstronaut

    I deleted my Facebook, I wanna live a life how its supposed to be. With mystery and letting people go and moving on if there not actually your friend.
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  4. FormerFapaholic

    FormerFapaholic Fapstronaut

    Life is better without Facebook. I honestly haven't looked back since I deactivated my profile. Less drama, less bullshit and I live a quiet and a more fulfilling life. Since being off FB, I have more meaningful conversations with people. Also, I've found out who my true friends are.
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  5. I Free I

    I Free I Guest

    I don't use social media at all & I am at peace within myself .

    Sure, I've had them in the past but I was never on it a-lot, just thought of it as a waste of time . Glad I always had my senses ... I prefer real life scenarios . The Real Life .
  6. KeZhengHao

    KeZhengHao Fapstronaut

    I'm an actor and Facebook is invaluable for networking for local shows and everything. But I admire getting rid of it and think I'll go on a longterm binge. I just made a post and got attacked by peeps I really don't consider friends either so I'm pretty fed up. I mean you don't need Facebook to network of course, but It's a pretty easy place to start.
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  7. CSLewis_YBOP

    CSLewis_YBOP Fapstronaut

    Yes, I deactivated Facebook (kept Messenger for communication) and dating apps back in February or so of this year. Used to scroll through Facebook feed compulsively and mindlessly throughout the day, and would do the same with dating apps.

    This "seeking and searching" for a dopamine hit behavior seems to mimic pron watching in many ways. Since giving up social media and dating apps (including LinkedIn app), I definitely feel more regulated emotionally and it seems to have contributed to building more sustained concentration for important things since I can't just reach for the phone and scroll and swipe for the perfect post or profile.

    Honestly, I don't miss any of it, especially since I would find myself too often out doing something fun and cool but constantly taking photos so I could post to Facebook for ... what exactly? A quick dopamine hit once I see the post go up and receive some likes and comments. But that pleasure recedes quickly. Dating apps and searching through FB profiles of women I've dated or would like to date also have contributed to pron relapse at times as well.

    Quitting social media and dating apps is helping me quit PM because all of those things are easy, addictive sources of quick dopamine hits that give fleeting pleasure but almost no fulfillment. I'm starting to see that while pron is addictive and rewires our brains by itself, that pron is also just another source of quick dopamine hits, much like social media, TV, junk food, excessive sports watching or beer drinking ... all can be fun, but rarely fulfilling.

    I'm committed to strengthening my prefrontal cortex and thus, cutting out the easy, fun fluff in favor or doing hard, fulfilling actions of substance is a focus right now. And then, I can eventually enjoy the fun fluff occasionally in moderation without fear of succumbing to binges.
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  8. iceman40

    iceman40 Fapstronaut

    I fully agree with you all. It takes a great person to break society's chains and live a peaceful life.
  9. I'm really glad to find that I am not alone in this belief!

    I quit all so-called 'social' media late last year. I don't believe it brings us together - I believe it drives us further and further away from being the naturally social human animal that we are. I realised that the entirety of my relationships with the outside world consisted of 'friends' clicking 'Like' on something I'd posted. Before Facebook we used to talk to each other, or even see each other. Primates live and thrive in groups - not by being individually wired to a screen.

    Also, from the perspective of a lonely person, it can be hell. I don't begrudge anyone a single shred of their happiness, but I do not need to see it everyday.
  10. John84

    John84 Fapstronaut

    I noticed am starting to call people more to find out whats going on in their life then texting them through facebook or passively lurking a newsfeed find out via updates.
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  11. JamesD

    JamesD Fapstronaut

    I have at times taken a break from social media. I have generally found that the quality of my life has improved.

    I get so fed up with people showing off or people arguing the toss over politics. If you really must stay on, set a time limit on it, eg half an hour twice per week.

    Another thing - I turned off notifications on my phone. So if someone posts or messages me, it doesn't interrupt me.
  12. FormerFapaholic

    FormerFapaholic Fapstronaut

    Yeah, social media has become a minefield of narcissism.
  13. Kman20

    Kman20 Fapstronaut

    Quit Snapchat after only about a month of using it, it just didn't feel like me, you know? I didn't like the impulse to want to record whatever I'm doing or enjoying to show other people instead of just enjoying it in the moment for myself. Also deleted my FB which I was reluctant to do but I'm glad that I eventually did it. Didn't feel I had a reason to go on there other than to kill time and I don't believe we should stay connected to everyone we've met, like being connected to all your high school friends. I think when you split you split..and life moves on, I'd rather not stay connected, plus there's the whole life comparison thing you mentioned and narcissism. I've been a whole lot happier since deleting my social media and won't be going back to it. I'm keeping youtube though :p I love me my youtubes.
  14. bigtad1987

    bigtad1987 Fapstronaut

    Formerfapaholic, I agree do this also has helped me reboot alot better and wipe the slate clean to start fresh my 30's next month in a new Career, in a new countries and with new friends and worry anymore how everyone elses life is going compared to mine.

    After a Month, I focus only on my Business and the hopes and dreams of working on any part of the face of the planet, and experiencing the Joy of life and eventually the peace in death
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  15. FormerFapaholic

    FormerFapaholic Fapstronaut

    Excellent. I'm really pleased to hear that you're happier and living a more fulfilling life @bigtad1987. Personally, there's positive correlations from cutting back or quitting social media as well as quitting PMO.

    This video below highlights the problems and damage that social media can do to people. Though, it's more on how it can be addictive as well.

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  16. DaMan838

    DaMan838 New Fapstronaut

    I have decided to get rid of Insta, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube. i'm trying to get rid of Reddit too but the r/ Nofap forum is helpful. I also want to get rid of my snap chat eventually.
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  17. I deactivated my Facebook during the election and I never plan on returning. I'm more peaceful and not nearly as tense. I agree with what others have said, in our bid to create a more social world we've only driven each other further apart it seems.
  18. SilentJay313

    SilentJay313 Fapstronaut

    The only reason i have a Facebook it to keep in contact with some friends and family. I rarely post anything anyways, and if i do it's usually some old samurai/asian philosophy quotes. There is too much drama on there, and even several times my brother & sister got into a fight over some dumb crap on Facebook.
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  19. I've uninstalled Instagram because it's a trigger and have done the same for Facebook because I ended getting into ridiculous arguments with other Facebook users. I still have Twitter though since I don't think it's so bad.
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  20. Rigel7

    Rigel7 Fapstronaut

    I've deleted my Facebook for different reasons (was being targeted by blackmailers... yeah, there's a whole story there I'd not like to get into). Honestly, it is a bit difficult at first but after some time, you realise life just goes on. I think as a whole, it has been more helpful than not.

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