Quitting all addictions at once?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Billybrasco, Oct 7, 2021.

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    What are your thoughts regarding this? EG: eating, drinking, smoking, video games, internet, etc?

    The idea being that your dopamine and other chemicals are affected the same way as PMO.

    My thoughts: in an ideal world, yes- but the world ain't ideal lol
  2. Your thoughts on this seem about right.

    What I would do is focus on the easiest ones first. Make a list of easiest to hardest and get the easier ones out of the way. Make sure you stick to them as you continue to check things off the list.

    While you’re quitting the little ones, make an effort to limit how much of the other things you do. Don’t spend all your energy on trying to quit the big ones yet, focus on the little ones while ‘containing’ the bigger ones.

    I don’t know if that made any sense, I’m working off 3 hours of sleep. That’s something I need to work on. My sleep.
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    Yes it absolutely does make sense. It's good to get those "quick wins" that bolster moral and snowball into the larger wins. I appreciate your insight bro. Thanks a lot and do try to get some sleep! It's the best medicine around.
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    I think for most people it just becomes overwhelming and when you take away all crutches without a plan to replace those crutches with really solid support, well you usually end up just picking up one of the crutches again. I'd say if you can come up with a solid plan to ensure you don't slip, up give it a shot. Worst case scenario is that you just slip up and you learn you need to take it back a bit, but you never know how much it might benefit you. Just remember its not a race though so the most important thing is to actually drop these issues in a way that's sustainable and long term. You don't wanna be in a situation where you have off and on periods of indulging in your addictions cause that just leads to more frustration you know?
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  6. farmhouse

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    Sometimes giving up one addiction leads to another .
    What u talking about is giving up addiction itself. This is possible but is on a deeper level. Giving up one addiction will increase your awareness about other addictions so u are able to tackle one thing at a time . Giving up port addiction will strengthen u and help u be aware of other things in ur life. Just by giving up one addiction will give u sense of achievement everyday and that u are ultimately on the path to sort everything out with yourself .
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    For my problem I think it is the only way I am sure there is stuff I won't try to though not as serious as say substance abuse.

    For instance internet. It would be nice to not use it so much but right now I don't see that happening I should still try I think with meditation the issues have seemed to wither away for me on past attempts kicking all the bad stuff
  8. the sufferer

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    Be strong. Remain firm .Indulge in the topics like science and spirituality to keep you busy all the time .Never ever think about the past cultures you had even if you got some results in the past .Believe in yourself to stay abstain from your addictions. Do not use internet .If you work now you can not only compensate the past but also can make a future of your dream.
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  9. determined99

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    I am working on social anxiety, pmo, depression, procrastination at the same time. I have almost secceeded.
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  10. Enginakos

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    Well, yes i know where you are coming from. However, I feel as we are all different that you should focus on the addictions that have the biggest weight on you. And no more than 1-2 at a time, as it will be distracting and in theory infeasible. But in any case, the effort is worth :)
  11. icebreaker polarstern

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    I think for someone who is able to change his or her life fundamentally it is possible to get rid of several addictions at once. But that is a very rare occasion. And such a change doesn't just happen when you're home alone. It always involves other people. Connection is the opposite of addiction (or vice versa), as we know.
    I would say the norm is, that every addiction you have makes it harder to change your ways and then there's the question what are the roots of the addiction. It also happens that when people leave quit one drug or addictive behavior they just switch to another one.
    In general the best advice would be that the person asks for help and don't try to deal with everything at once and alone any longer. In a good therapy your whole life and your addictions are adressed ...

    But for everyone who want to be his/her own therapist: I think it would be a good idea to prioritize.
    In my humble opinion trying to beat the easiest addiction first is a good idea only if this is in fact easy to do for you. For example, if playing video games is your easiest addiction and you're able to exchange it with a healthier behavior: good! It can create positive momentum that helps you even with the bigger issue that's still ahead.
    But maybe it comes back when you continue to drink or pmo. Maybe pmo is the trigger for playing video games. So it might be that you can't get rid of the small stuff before you change something big ...

    So when you prioritize look also: what role plays every addiction in our life? Example: an addiction to cigarettes is worth challenging because it damages our health. But maybe we can live with it for some more time and quit the pmo addiction first that plaques us so much more. Or the alcohol addiction that makes every other addiction worse and trigger all kind of ill behavior, because it messes with our mind so much.

    Maybe we can find out that the "sugar addiction" is not really our problem or that we can live even with severe addictions and make things just a little bit better for us - as long as we don't manage to get rid of those addictions I mean.

    At least this is the way all therapists, life coaches or experienced councilers look at it (I would say). But as addicts - and you see it on this forum a lot - we tend to say we need to quit every bad behavior in 90 days or so and then become superhuman. I'm overstating it of course! I hope you get what I mean.

    i smoking damaging your life and makes you prone to relapse with porn
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