Quitting edging and maintaining spiritual growth

Cultivating awareness through mindfulness and contemplation

  1. Davinci506

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    My goals for self-improvement, at least partly, are as it can be seen in the title. I strive for mental clarity in order to become absolutely independent from my ego, as far as it is humanly possible.

    As you may have already noticed, I'm not solely intending to quit PMO but much rather engage in full monk mode. That means being contentious withouth extensive use of social media and whatsoever.

    Focus is highly needed for my music, it is my passion, as I am a classical pianist and probably a conductor in future. Besides that, I am a religious man searching for other like-minded people for the purpose of holding eachother for accountable according to our NoFap goals.

    I would love to engage in conversation with you. Feel free to message me!
  2. 12ove

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    I have been psub free for almost a month. I am going to try and go for 90 days. I rarely use social media and will aim to decrease the little amount that I do use to join you in your journey.
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    I am not religious, but recently I have decided that there are such things as spirits. I had believed in them, except I refused to call them spirits. I wanted a better name for them. As I did not find a better name, and I felt that even if others had weird definitions for spirits I could still have my own, I told Wife about a week ago that I would just call them spirits from now on. Anyway, I might not share religiosity with you, but I want to give credit and honor to you for working so hard and maintaining spiritual integrity.

    Good on you! Keep it up. I wish you the best.
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