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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by farmer28, Sep 25, 2020.

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    Hi my name is Adam. Im a nurse. Im queer. Im addicted to porn.
    Today was the last time. Im done.

    So many times I have tried to quit porn, the logest stretch I think was last year for 42 days. The thing that makes this time different is I am doing something about it here. I joined but never posted, never announced that I had an addiction to porn and sought help. In the same fashion I have never offered to help anyone else in their struggle. Today is day 0, Tomorrow is day 1.

    Its always there when things get stressful, and this has been an insanely stressful time. I want to live in my life and do things I actually enjoy. I decided to go back to school at 30 and 6 years later have finally arrived at professional stability. I committed and succeeded to something bigger than myself but still this struggle keeps me from my highest potential.

    I have had this toxic relationship since 1997 and I am walking away from it today. I am here for help, and to help others. Thank you so much for this opportunity, I am so grateful for you all.
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    Hey adam , I am ashu ! Am almost 26 and I've been astray since 2007 ! You are 10 years ahead of me ! So I wont dare advice you anyhow since it's my first day too ! My life force is dwindling each day and is looking for resurrection since before Corona! Let's strive for greatness! And end this torment ! I support you !
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    Hey Ashu!! Im glad we can start together. Im here for you friend. I feel so energized and motivated today. Ive already exercised this morning, dealt with financial issues ive been avoiding, and moved things in my house that had been stagnant for a few weeks. Life is here. We can change ourselves. You have 10 years ahead of you that will be so much more engaged than the last 10!! Let do this :)
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    My Journal

    Wishing you all the best for your new journey. Just keep up the good work. Fight with your urges. You’re a nurse, you help people to recover. It’s time for you to recover from this porn habit. Good luck.

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