Quitting other distractions may help?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Js5, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Js5

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    We are bombarded all the time with something to "entertain" us. No matter where you are, basically all the time. Some of the younger people here may not understand this but it hasn't always been that way. I won't bore them with details about how things were even 10-15 years ago.

    Anyway, I deactivated my Facebook account the other day and I think it has helped me the past couple days in resisting the PMO temptation. The process of making a post and getting likes (maybe even likes from certain people) can give you a "boost" and while having that boost is needed sometimes, it becomes a certain addiction of its own. But then it becomes a thing where you're ALWAYS on there and there are other things about social networking that can be bothersome and even bullying (look at what my high school friend is doing with their lives - I'm not as good, they have so much, their relationship seems perfect, etc.). It becomes a distraction. And the process of letting myself say no to that stimuli has helped me in this process. It's made me more quiet and even more peaceful. Of course, it's only been 2 days but I still like this decision so far.

    I plan on returning to Facebook but for right now, living my life without it (and less time in front of the TV and cell phone as well) seems to be of aid. It puts me into the rhythm of not always looking for that next "short thrill" and into a rhythm where I can be more accepting of each passing moment. Anyone have thoughts on this or have similar experience? At the very least maybe this will give someone else an idea that could be helpful in their journey...
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  2. zadvanceppa

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    I find the television, facebook competition and general information overload, quite alarming in my life. Bad news, porn,sex, bragging on face book , all false for the most part probably. Our times aren't used to this 24 hr access in everyway. Has not treated me well or made my life easier, more pleasant. I fight the PMo and it has made me wonder about many other life distractions, as well. We must learn to stay within our circle of influence as Steve Covey puts it. The TV is a curse to me. Frank Zappa had it pegged in the 1970's with " I am the slime on the video". I should of listen to the words more closely.
  3. Eagersalmon

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    You're going to have to fill that massive void with something. Make sure it's productive...
  4. Js5

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    Good words of caution. Definitely don't feel it's been a massive void so far. Feels more like freedom to do more with real things.
  5. Taqwaman

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    Yes it is a good decision, and try to fill that with something positiv and productive. I have actually blocked facebook, twitter, instagram any socail sites, and installed k9 on my iphone, so it has a very big impact on me. It helps to you to enjoy life more, than sitting always infront of a screen to seek something selfworth.

  6. hms74

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    It is a bit expensive distraction but I bought a piano... so started to learn it. Bloody difficult. But this helps a bit (so find a hobby or something). My biggest problem is that I am an IT person so during the day it is hard to distract myself. But I am developing a dating site so that keeps me busy.
  7. goa

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    I too disassociated myself from social media a few months back. You realise just how much time people spend on it when you're looking at it from different eyes!

    I'm working on my own business idea, I'm passionate about it succeeding and over the last few days I've put more into it than I had for a few weeks combined before that.
  8. BasicallyQué?

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    In the course of my decade long struggle I've found that to be the case. It's a much easier(more successful) journey if you rid yourself of triggers, and for many including myself those triggers are the lull of television, video games and endlessly clicking away on the computer. You should be honest with yourself OP, and if you really want to quit this you may give up some other habits that lead you straight to pmo.

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