Quitting PMO starting today + (Challenges , New habits)

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    I am new here!
    And currently ,I am Dopamine/PMO
    addict, and only in the age of 16 (started when i was 14)
    My addiction has been annoying me for a while now, i can't focus on anything i do, without thinking of sex,porn and anything related to that.
    Lately i was researching a lot about how can i stop my addiction to PMO/Domapine
    But then i ended up on this forum, which was a lifesaver.

    So i have made a decision to quit PMO starting from today.

    I also found a lot of interesting challenges that i am going to participate in, which are:

    NoFap challenge (ofc)

    Push-up challenge

    No sugar challenge

    ● Meditating challenge

    Maybe Lord of the rings challenge too which is going to take 500 day ooo

    I didn't stop here, I also thaught of minimizing my time on the net , where i ended up in NoSurf , here are some of the new habits i am willing to change surfing the web with :


    ■Language learning



    ■Martial art

    Also checking forums including NoFap and NoSurf etc... :')

    am willing to quit my addiction as fast as possible , I also hope that for y'all too .
    Sooo , wish me luck and,
    Here i go.
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    Welcome and well done for committing to these challenges :) I'm always very inspired to see people as young as yourself make such a commitment to stop PMO, because at your age I wasn't interesting in stopping at all. PMO finds all sorts of ways to ruin one's life and so the sooner you stand up against it the better. Keep on keeping on! :emoji_thumbsup:
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