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  1. Here in Canada, they have smoking cessation programs. What that means is that if you wanna stop smoking darts, the government is willing to pay for the nicotine gum, patches, or inhaler as long as you stick through the whole program.

    I have been smoking on and off since I was 18 years old, and quite frankly I enjoyed smoking. From opening up the pack, buying the lighter, bumming a lighter if I didn't have one, and especially the social aspect of smoking.

    Don't get me started about drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes is probably the best 1-2 punch, since Daniel and Henrik Sedin in their prime. (hockey reference)

    Anyway, a few months ago they banned menthol cigarettes. And I was absolutely flabbergasted. I loved menthol cigarettes I still do, it always tasted great when you got that nicotine high for that short period of time. I don't understand why our provincial government would ban menthol cigarettes, when they allow regular cigarettes to be sold. If you don't fucking want kids to be smoking, don't sell cigarettes period but hey I don't run the motherfucking government.

    Long story short, smoking is extremely expensive about $13-$14 a pack for a premium brand of cigarettes, and being unemployed and all I can't afford this shit. I was buying cigarettes on my credit card, and not only was I getting in debt but I'm fucking killing myself literally to smoke.

    So, yesterday enough was enough I decided to take advantage of the smoking cessation program and get myself the 21mg of Nicoderm patches. I just completed day 1, which was hard and I had some fucked up dreams last night that were incredibly vivid. But if the government is going to take menthols from me, well I'm going to use their money to quit smoking.

    Anyway, If I can do 129 days of not watching porn I can give up this bullshit habit too!

    And also my Canadian Fapstronauts out there, feel free to take advantage of the smoking cessation program, I'm sure it's offered in your province and it's free as fuck!
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    Just in case it's useful for you, look up Allen Carr's book called 'Easy way to stop smoking', it could be the best $10 you ever spent (you might even find it in your local library, if you still have public libraries in your part of the world). It was recommended to me by a guy who had been on five-packs-a-day habit (!!) for years, and quit cold turkey. I bought the book, but it sat on the shelf for months, I wasn't convinced reading a book was going to help. When I started reading, Carr tells you not to even try to quit until you get to the end. I made it half-way through, before crumpling up my almost full pack of Newports (like you, I was a mentholist), and quitting there and then. That was 20 years ago, and I never looked back. Worked like a charm, literally the easiest 'difficult' thing I ever did. Since then I've made a point of mentioning the book to anyone who wants to quit (and quite a few smokers who didn't), and it's helped almost everyone I know of, hence this message.
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  3. fuck yeah buddy, I'm going to see if I can get the book at the local library!
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    I've been smoking 40 cigarettes a day.I decided to do something about it and on 6th December I quit.
    You should consider working out,running...anything to keep your thoughts away from it...Whenever I had cravings I started chewing gums.Drink plenty of water.
    Just write down what positives and negatives smoking has on your body.And stick that piece of paper somewhere where you can see it every day you wake up.It helped me.
    Good luck.
  5. Nice work! Quitting cigs is a pain but it is so worth it.
  6. Awesome mate, hopefully soon you can achieve the freedom you set out for!

    I definitely haven't smoked as long as you or other people, and it was only over the course of two years when I was younger. But I can say how easy it is to get addicted to them, I was smoking almost two packs a day and I hated it and the bloody cough I developed, but luckily I quit cold turkey one day after I had enough.

    It won't be easy like any addiction but it's worth it for you and your health, and no matter how old you are or long you've been smoking it's never too late to quit to let your body heal the damage that was done. I believe you can do it!
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  7. That’s dope. I have a family member who’s addicted to belmont cigarettes. I’ll let him know about that program, thanks for sharing.
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  8. It's funny how similar quitting smoking is to quitting porn except the withdrawal effects from nicotine are real as fuck. I been really moody and agitated and it's only been 48 hours. But obviously, the health benefits outweigh any positive I can from smoking so I have to work hard at it. When I make it past the 30 day mark it will be easier I know it just like quitting porn was. Thanks, I appreciate the input!
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  9. Thanks Sarah, this is harder than porn because before I can go for a smoke if I didn't watch porn and now I need to find another positive replacement to replace the habit of smoking. It's already been 48 hours and I been incredibly agitated, but it's just not worth it anymore. Worst case scenario, I can smoke a tiny bit of weed if it ever came down to it. But I wanna get healthy again, I'm already drinking 4 litres of water a day, and next step is exercising regularly.
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  10. Yeah man anytime, I know nobody is going to quit until they are READY to quit same applies to porn. One day I got sick of porn and I never looked back. Conversely, I only stopped smoking because I could no longer afford it, but now I have done 2 days without smoking I don't want to reset the counter to zero by relapsing. Quitting smoking is so similar to noFap, but I know over time especially after 30 days I won't be wanting a cigarette as much anymore. Yeah man, tell him about it the patches do work, but there are other options as well.
  11. Ironically I saw my boss with a vape today. That shit came as a surprise 'cause he usually smokes around two packs of Marlboro lights a day. Hope he quits.
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  12. I rather be caught smoking a cigarette then to ever be caught vaping LOL
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  13. Yeah, I was working and all of a sudden I heard a "woosh" sound. I stopped what I was doing and I thought "that can't be what I think it is!".
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  14. Also, erections get better when you stop smoking cigarettes I've already noticed that within 72 hours.
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  15. Not sure if you already had a problem with it, but when you stop smoking you also get your appetite back too.
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  16. Yeah I been eating a lot actually but whether I gain weight or not my health is starting to improve. And I can always lose weight.
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  17. Well that's a good sign, as cigarettes are a suppressant and usually people who smoke eat less. Plus you should be able to taste better as well!
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    If you are serious about quitting get an E-cig. They work wonders + they are waaaaay healthier.
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  19. Healthier than what, patches?
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  20. It's cigarettes or bust my friend. I rather quite entirely than vape.
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