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  1. I have been sick and down lately, currently on day 46.
    Been seeing some threads about smoking amd alcohol.

    It's been almost 4 years since i have been cigarette free and more than 6 since alcohol.
    I wanted to make a thread about how i broke my smoking addiction with out patches or gum for anyone who is interested.
    Process is quit similar to NoFap but if anyone out there wants some tips and help just comment below and i will write something up.

    Lets do this!
    Your stronger today than you were yesterday!!
  2. ALPHABat

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    Wow! You've been smoke free for 4 years? That's amazing. I am also trying to quit smoking. I am currently on my day 5. I've relapsed many times 2015 but this is my first attempt (and hopefully last) of quitting smoking. I can pretty much control myself when I'm home. I don't feel the need to get out to light up a cigarette but when I am in college, with all of my friends smoking and stuff, I get a very strong temptation to smoke. In the last two days I even lit up cigarettes for myself BUT I did not smoke. I just kept the cigarette in my hand and kept flicking it. Everyone else was busy talking and smoking their own cigarettes so no one really noticed.
    Would you like to give me any tips? I'd like to be like you!
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    It sounds so simple but there was so many times I wanted to quit but smoked.
    Everyone says I wish I could quit., I wish I could quit, my life is to stressful I will quit when things calm down , excuse after excuse. Things never get better so you better quit sooner than later.
    Most people can't quit because its more mental than physical, like NoFap, its a habit you do when your around certain people, triggers, emotions.ect..
    This is it for today,
    Write a small journal entry about why you want to quit, carry it in your pocket, continue smoking but read that note when you have a free second.
    You can write down any reason you want.
    This is the first thing.
    Believe you can quit.

    Tune in again for the next step to quiting!!
    Wishing everyone a great day!
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  4. Endgoals

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    I smoked for about five years.

    I traded the addiction for a healthy addiction. Grab a water bottle and have it be your bottle. Always have it with you no matter where you do.

    Put the bottle up to your mouth and drink whenever you get an urge. This has the same oral stimulation as cigs.

    Go through as many water bottles as you can but keep drinking to fight the urge.

    Trust me it will work. I have people comment all the time at how funny it is that i go everywhere with my camel back water bottle.

    You have to understand how your brain works. It always wants some kind of dopamine. These bad and lazy habits we have learned just need to be reversed. It comes with hard work. You need to understand why you have these urges and battle it in a smart way.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards.
  5. ALPHABat

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    I will try this on Monday. Thank you!
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  7. This is a great tip!!! I usually carry a gallon of water with me at all times. People look at you funny!!
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  8. Number 2.
    Pay attention to others smoking, absorb every detail. Watch how they light up, how they have a fit like a baby if they are out of cigerettes. How they flick there cigs, how they pack them ect.
    It shows you how dumb this habit really is.
    Carry that note around and pay attention to people.
    Until later brothers!
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  9. FutureSurgeon

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    I tried to quit smoking for a long time. Had up to 3 month long streaks in 2015, but in the end would always relapse. I would usually relapse when I'm with my friends. Around 3 days ago I decided to quit all my bad habits like smoking, PMO and drinking. Any tips on quitting smoking and avoiding that feeling to light a cigarette when I'm with my friends?
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  10. Hey man! Congratulations by you having these thoughts about dropping all these things is already huge. Not everyone is as strong as you!!
    Im gonna keep posting more tips so keep coming back to the thread but i can tell you a few things in your situation.

    It's difficult to quit so many things at once but definetly not impossible.
    Smoking is a habit, habits are associated with emotions, memories ect.
    I always had a pattern when i smoked, drank.
    Get in the car on the way to work, light up at a certain stop light. Stop some where, before going im light up.After eating, light up.Stressed, light up, good mood, chain smoke.all patterns.
    What needs to happen is you need to do something in place of smoking.
    I smoked regular cigs than these herb cigs, strong mint tooth picks and water.
    So when i wanted a cig, i would go out
    Have one, next time i go out have some gum, next time i go out i would have the herb cigs (got them online) so i did all these in a rotation on top of other things.

    With friends its really hard, because pressures always there so if you don't have your pack your own friends always do.

    Its hard for me to tell you everything in one post so ask me more questions.
    Quitting is like rebooting, when your quitting your body tells you, one more cig, one more fap? Ect.. Your mind does not want to quit because it thinks its hard to and its easy to do what its doing now.
    You need to fight your mind because you know the right decision to make.
    Urges will be there but they will go away, some longer some shorter for me, physical addiction was about 2 weeks and mental addiction was about 3 months or so.and now i wake up and its never on my mind, if you do get a slight urge it goes away in a few seconds.

    Try your best and don't put so much pressure on yourself and if you slip up just ask yourself why your smoking its just something you do, you can eat sunflower seeds instead ect.
    Your friends can smoke but you don't need to, your stronger than that!
    Tell them your in the process of quiting so tell them to respect your decision and if you do ask them for a cigarette its YOUR decision not anyone elses . YOU ARE THE BOSS!

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  11. FutureSurgeon

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    Wow thanks for the support and tips. Today I went out, when I saw a friend smoking I felt like lighting a cigar. But at that moment I said stop in my mind. After 2 minutes the urge was gone.

    My next question is how did you cope with the physical withdrawal symptoms. I vomit, feel pain in my chest, have more stress and anexiety probably because I quit so much things at once. Any tips?
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  12. Hey bro, im stupid tired writing this so my thoughts will be all over but for physical theres a few things.

    You did the right thing..
    Tell yourself no, no matter what.
    Chest pain, vomiting, more stress anxiety its all normal man, your body was so used to getting these chemicals put in your body and now its not it thinks somethings wrong but theres nothing wrong its just "rebooting".
    I struggle with stress and anxiety and when i smoked i thought it helped but matter of fact its not true.
    When your stressed what do you do. Go out for a cig. You leave the situation.If you do that when your stressed and go have a cup of tea or just go walk outside and go stare at the sky and go back in your stress and anxiety will be less anyway. Concerning rebooting in general im on day 48 or something NoFap., dude im so angry and just a dick. Its the same thing with smoking, your gonna be crabby your gonna be an ass, don't worry about it.Let it be, you can always apologize, if people care they will forgive you.
    Lift weights, go sprint couple times a week outside, go walk in the winter with a heavy backpack(awesome for building will power) Punch your wall, break stuff, take a cold shower, take a hot bath when your stressed, people will say what they want but when you work your butt off hot bath or sauna is legit. Do stuff you don't normally do. Brush your teeth with your other hand, take a different way to work ect.. doing some of this new stuff even if its just small will help you because if you go to someones house same way, ect everything is always the same that "smoking pattern" is built into your standard day. You need to make new patterns. Start small.
    Also not sure about your life schedule but when your having this physical with drawls and its just killing you try to nap as much as possible.
    The more days you can get under belt the better.
    If your pissed in the day time, do push ups or body weight squats until you can't lift your arms legs, when your driving if you feel your jittery or something just yell or drink a ton of water. Carry around a water bottle and gum , flavored tooth picks everywhere you go. When your a smoker you hate forgetting your lighter ect..
    These are your new things you never forget now.
    Also at night and morning are the most difficult.Fight it.
    At night, take some good herbs for sleeping or just warm milk and honey is really underrated and awesome.
    Just remember that we all stumble and fall but the most important is moving forward. Think how many millions of people have these crappy habits there mind tricks them to thinking its what they want, its a trap. They do all this crazy stuff to try and stop but they fail because their weak in the mind.
    Most of us stumble because our mind is not honed yet, we need to make it stronger.

    When I was a smoker/drinker and I heard people say the word quit i always was like good for them but "i like doing this"
    Its a trap its your mind tricking you,
    Do you know how stupid it looks when you get done with a workout and than have a cigarette. I used to be that guy!!
    Do you know how stupid you look when its freezing outside and you run out to light up shaking like a bobbal head. I used to be that guy!! Do you know how stupid you look when theres a pretty young thang (lol) standing behind you at the gas station and its your turn and the attendant knows you by your name and grabs you two packs of your normal smokes with you saying a word. I used to be that guy!!!
    Come on , your only fooling yourself.

    This is a lot of info but take your time do the best you can. You fall, o well,
    Your gonna learn from it, try your best and don't put extra unneeded pressure on yourself., you know what needs to be done..

    Anyone have any questions let me know, i will try my best to help anyone out
    Were all fighting some kind of demons,
    Im fighting depression and NoFap, another drinking drugs, were all in this together.
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  13. Number 3.
    Since you made the decision to quit, physical withdrawls will be stronger.,
    When I was quiting I would buy a pack of my favorites and a pack of herbal cigs that tasted like smoking leaves, so I was really smoking about the same but less nicotine but than I would go out and have one but the second time I would go out and drink tea or suck on a tooth pick til my lips were numb.
    When your at home you can exercise, meditate , scream but when your out and a bout you need to chew gym, drink water, stretch ect while you cut down the number of cigs you smoke.
    This will train you and show you, that when you go out for a break or stressed there is different things you can do, and it will help you feel that your in control.
    Have a great day guys!!
  14. ThisGuy!

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    I've been quit now for almost 6 months, and the only thing that ever worked for me was Allen Carr's The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. Its a book written by a guy who really understands cigarette smoking and the addiction behind it. It puts your mind in a certain place that makes the quitting process so much easier, and eliminates most of the mental withdrawal symptoms. It's the only thing that ever worked for me.
  15. Every person is different, and needs a different approach. With these addictions a person needs to experiment what works for him.
    You can read quit reading books and going to seminars, you can quit by your own reasoning, doesnt matter how you get there as long as you do!!
    Congratulations on your 6 months man!!
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  16. ALPHABat

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    Another great tip!
    Like today this guy in my class was dying for a smoke. I've actually started feeling bad for my friends who smoke. I am not going to try to stop them or anything, I want them to learn and quit on their own. Today some of them insisted that I take a puff but I didn't. My will-power has increased I believe.
  17. HopeFaith

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    I smoked for 18 years and always faild to stop feeling mega miserable and always feeling deprived and longing for one even after 6 months of not smoking. That was until a friend gave me Allen Carr book Easy Way To Stop Smoking. I stoped and never looked back, never wanted one, never have cravings or never feel deprived! It was easy and super enjoyable from day one! He is the stop smoking guru all around the world and his clinics grow like mushrooms only because his method works! Imagine just waking up non smoker as if you never lit that first cigarette? This is what happened to me.

    Well, Allen Carr is genious, he translated his method into other areas such as giving up alcohol, fear of flying, loose weight but I am not sure how successful they are. The one I am referring to is a best seller and it appears like a magic but it is not. The man abolishes our misconceptions, one by one that keep up believing that we love smoking. Everything a smokers brain can think of in order to grab hold on to the habit, this man explains in such a brilliant way that it leaves no doubt in your brain that we are better off without it. This can be translated to stoping PMO. All that keeps people in any form of addiction is our brain thinking it is good for us, us thinking we need it, and that it is too dificult to give up. Nothing is further from the truth. If you truly see the amaising benefits of stopping and understand how harmful addiction is, our brain just stops it! No will power is needed here and even the withdrawal symptoms become pleasurable because you are exited to be walking free from your prison.

    How much will power do you need not to eat arsenic? NONE ! How enjoyable is it to be walking further away from the lethal dose? You will not be walking away and looking back....you will be running away with all you strength and every step you would take would make you more happy.

    The problem with most people and giving stuff up is that we are holding back as our brain is getting confused and having doubts. It is hard to give something up if you think you like it.
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  18. Keep going man, your on the right path.!!!
    Carry that note around with you and oral fixations gum, water ect..
    When they try and insist just say no calmly like it doesnt face you.
    You can do it! I have faith in you!!
  19. Crispy21

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    Buddy quitted smoking cigs and hes so much happier and in better moods. Not to mention his teeth are much whiter
  20. ALPHABat

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    I don't think I will ever smoke again.
    While on our way back home from college today, I was driving and all of my friends were smoking in the car. They had asked like a thousand times If I'd like to take a puff but I calmly kept saying no. They still insisted and one of my friends even handed me his cigarette. I took it. What happened next? I threw it out of my window and smiled at him.

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