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    i feel my hormones are imbalanced and as a result, I am having uncontrollable fits of rage. Does anyone else have this issue.

    I quit all social media except for this site, all internet tv, I am dieting and now I’m 3 weeks into nofap.

    I don’t know what’s going on. I’m doing things to better my life but my emotions are simply out of control.
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    Okay, so it seems like you were using PMO then mostly to control these fits of anger. A lot of guys have used PMO for many different things as well.

    You need to control your mind. I understand you may not want to try this but meditation is what you need. Either by yourself in an area of your home or try Yoga if possible.

    I believe exercise like weightlifting, kickboxing, boxing would be absolutely great to taking that anger on. You need to channel that energy as much and as soon as you feel that way. He diet is very crucial as well and good you are doing that.

    I have been wanting to try raiding more but it is hard to stay quiet in place for awhile for me. Reading may be also beneficial for you to quiet the mind or going outside, hopefully warm by you now, to take a walk in nature or run.

    Keep on the streak and you will do great! Let us know how it goes...
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  3. you need to slowly adapt and get used to this kind of lifestyle
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