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  1. Son_of_Iroquois

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    Hey guys, real talk. NoFap needs our help. I'm asking you to man up and support this site with your hard earned cash (if you are not already doing so)

    We all come to this site and see the message asking for funds, but how many of us seriously think about giving? $10 a month is nothing. That is 4 beers a month you can give up to support this amazing community of guys who are all struggling with more or less the same problem.

    And here's the thing: we have to have each other's back, because society at large DOESN'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT US. The majority of people don't even consider porn addiction a real problem. WE ARE ON OUR OWN. So we better keep NoFap going strong and giving $10 a month is a super easy way to do that.

    Our enemy has a deep treasury. They have billions of dollars to addict new people. They spend millions influencing the media and producing bogus "academic" reports concluding that porn addiction isn't real or a threat. We are rebels fighting against an empire. NoFap is a bastion of refuge in this fight.

    So let's get this momentum going. I know there are easily enough members to get the subscriptions to 50 by the end of the day. If you use this site and benefit from it, then be a NoFap warrior and contribute a small amount of money each month. It's at 8/50 right now, it will be 9/50 in a few minutes (after I sign up) and I want it to be one higher after you finish reading this message. There is no reason we can't have it at 50/50 by the end of the day.

    Like this message and pass it on. Support NoFAP!!!! Let's move out!!!
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  2. JoeinMD

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    Guys - just think how much you spend or used to spend on porn or websites or escorts or massage parlors or whatever. If you donated only a fraction of that money to Nofap, this site can stay alive and remain available to many men, including you, in recovery. Also, a mere $10 subscription is a good investment into your own recovery. If you find yourself relapsing and relapsing time after time, you may need to step up now and do something different. I have found that investing in a subscription makes me much more serious about my recovery here - and now the fruits of it are paying off for me -- in 7 days, I will reach 90-days reboot -- a threshold I thought I could never achieve before, and I plan to go much longer than this. Nofap is a lifestyle for me. And, again, I have saved so much more money not spending on P material or equivalents anymore. STEP UP, MEN!
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  3. Chef Boy

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    So by 9/50 you mean there are only 9 people supporting Nofap by giving money? Or 9 since the latest plea for donations?

    I agree that there should be more supporters given the size of the community, though I'd be adversed to laying a guilt-trip, as who are we to know if people can or cannot afford it?
  4. JoeinMD

    JoeinMD Fapstronaut

    It sounds like they need 50 more (minus the 9 recent) people/subscriptions to break even with finances; else, the founder continues to pay out of his own pocket the difference, which cannot be sustained too much longer as he's invested so much already over the years.
  5. Son_of_Iroquois

    Son_of_Iroquois Fapstronaut

    I was just going by the status bar that is currently up. It read 8/50 when I made the post. Not trying to lay a guilt trip, although come on, realistically I think most adults can afford 10 bucks a month. I'm poor as shit and I can afford it. But it's cool if they really can't. This site adds a lot of value and we should all do our part to keep it alive.
  6. Progressive Death Mettle

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    I don't make enough money to support NoFap. Maybe someday, when I actually make a living wage. But 10 dollars a month to me is huge at this point in life.

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