Ramadan 2019 and fasting!!

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    Starting from 5 may 2019..1.9 billion Muslims around the world will go for a 30 days fasting as a spiritual journey. It's called "Ramadan ". It's a very famous Islamic season. For 30 days..from the sunrise to the sunset..no food is allowed..no water..no sex..no "sins" of any kind. The purpose is to cleanse the person from their desires and surrender their will to higher spiritual purposes. Like prayer and charity etc. Ramadan is a great opportunity to master onself. A golden opportunity to get a 30 days streak nofap..since fasting is by far the most powerful tool to overcome sexual desire and lust..what we call "urges ". You build a great habit of self-discipline not only by abstaining from fapping..but imagine abstaining from food and even water during the entire day time!!.
    Congratulations , dear Muslims fapstrounats for Ramadan. Happy Ramadan to you all(I don't know how they say it but yu got me Michael :D).
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    Hahahah It's Called "Awasher Mbroka " God bless u
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  3. Not true.

    Never seen a Muslim stop sinning, and I know a lot of them.

    Actually, the contrary happens because a lot of people tend to overeat during iftar and suhoor.
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    What exactly is not true in this statement?.elaborate.
    Dude..you seem very racist. You just hate muslims.
    I don't know what is "iftar " and "suhoor". But anyways..i guess you mean when the fasting period is over they eat a lot. That's not part of the teaching anyways. No one told you to overeat.
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    I am very happy with your note infinite ^^ <3
    I wait for ramadan every year .. despite how hard fasting can be in summer but the spiritual atmosphere & family gatherings are magical every day :D
    thanks a lot my friend ^^
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  6. 1. 1.9 billion is definitely not true. Ex-Muslims, people who "believe" but do not practice anything, weak, sick, old people and small children who do not / can not practice are included in this number. If you do not count them, you'll get a much different number.

    2. Muslims are not a race. I simply don't see how a native from Senegal is from the same race as the native from Malaysia but you might have an explanation for that. Anyways, I do not hate Muslims, I'm an Ex-Muslim. Meanwhile, I found the Truth which I try to share with as many people as I can including Muslims.

    3. That might be the theory but it's a fact that many Muslims actually gain weight during ramadan.
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    I would like to hear that "truth"!
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    Not a Muslim, but I plan to join Muslims around the world in the fast this year. Ramadan mubarak!
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