Random, worst situation erections.

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by FrequencyLimbos, Sep 19, 2021.

Do you get erections in the worst situations?

  1. yes

  2. no

  1. FrequencyLimbos

    FrequencyLimbos Fapstronaut

    okay so this is another problem I've had for years. Just imagine the worst situation to get boners, for me its whenever i get excited, not sexually just generally. Playing with animals and boom erection outta nowhere. I'm not attracted to animals. And the worst one, interacting with kids. Again, harmless interactions, just doing normal crap like giving them a piggy back ride, or having them sit next to me or on my leg while i read a book to them. Honestly it's so damn annoying and worrying. I'm not attracted to kids either, but if you get an erection in these circumstances like damn, how you meant to explain that away? Hate it. This is why i generally avoid kids and don't really like them, i just avoid it because of that potential situation and yeah, so thoughts?

    I'm not a nonce so if you're coming here to accuse me i won't appreciate it, i hate this happening and i wish it would stop but my dick has a mind of its own, yet another reason why i want to quit.

    in all fairness that's my biggest worry,just being thought as a pedo is horrible, i started watching P at age 10 and I'm 20 now so 10 years of severe damage.
    to put it simply and in my opinion its touch related, i haven't exactly been a sociable person or interacted with people much, I've just been a sweaty fapper for so long. What's normal is triggering and it's a nightmare.

    I'm wondering if i should even upload this tbh because how can i say erections interacting with animals and kids without immediately being assumed as a nonce? I would never talk to a therapist or anyone else about this, I'm anonymous here so it's the only reason I'm talking about it.
  2. This is a porn problem and should go away over time. If you were a heavy user not long after quitting your body and mind are crying our for sexual stimulus. This can lead to random erections.

    Yeah, I have had a couple of bad situations in the past with unwanted erections. After first quitting my mind would get bored and drift to sexual thoughts. Once a kid just happened to be around, like you I have no attraction to them, but my mind was else where thinking of some pornstars or whatever. Another time I was talking to my mother while replaying a porn movie in my mind that I had seen before. Yeah, if someone notices it would be hard to explain that you are daydreaming about porn.

    This all went away for me and I have regained control of my mind. Most likely the same for you will happen if you keep away from porn and cut out the fantasies.
  3. FrequencyLimbos

    FrequencyLimbos Fapstronaut

    phew, thanks for clearing that up, daydreaming about porn and scenarios definitely the reason. Didn't know how to put it into words.

    my half brother had a pedo experience at 8yrs old, only over webcam, it was an organised ring, 50 or so people talked to him and showed him stuff, he comfort eats to cope, ok the damage it does and I don't understand why people do it.
  4. thedev

    thedev Fapstronaut

    Man, I would be hard all the time! But really, The Passenger is correct. This will go away.
  5. FrequencyLimbos

    FrequencyLimbos Fapstronaut

    let's all be hard together then haha
  6. IGY

    IGY Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    Hmm, it is a hard question to answer, lol. :p
  7. pump20

    pump20 Fapstronaut

    Well, worst things to have random erections is when I do some exercises especially laying on stomach aka prone position are called coregasms, anywhere at the public especially at the waterparks, beaches, aquatic centers, swimming pools both indoors and outdoors because of behinds and soles of feet are shown, also when some females wear nylons and high heeled shoes/or boots. Seeing people licking ice creams. Just almost everything. Massages too because there's a risk of releasing seed especially laying on prone position for so long.
  8. FrequencyLimbos

    FrequencyLimbos Fapstronaut

    i get what u sayin, lying prone easily gets an erection for me too. What a pain.
  9. RiverBlue

    RiverBlue Fapstronaut

    When I as in high school, I got an erection every day in geometry class. It's not like I was turned on by math. I think it was just a bodily function occurring at the same time every day. I don't think anyone ever noticed. I hope not. But sometimes an erection is just an erection. It doesn't always say anything about who we are or what really attracts us.
  10. FrequencyLimbos

    FrequencyLimbos Fapstronaut

    yeah true, i used to get loads of erections in high school, was a nightmare.
  11. A Naija boy

    A Naija boy Fapstronaut

    I used to have when i used to play video games when i was in my early teens.
  12. Maybe you don't get touched a lot. That can happen to men. Doesn't have to mean anything sexual.

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