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    She's an associate at work. The dynamic is a little bit different. But thanks for that Insight.
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    i believe woman an men can never be friends , the ones who believe they are friends are usually man is attracted to woman but she not attracted to him an they just hang out, which he places him self in a unhealthy predicament, for his well being, mental being , im social with my female co workers but we only keep the friendly ness in the confines of work they believe we are friends but actuality we are not i just talk to them cause im bored, i dont hang out with females outside of work unless my intention is romantic ,i got zero female friends but there are females out there that are convinced im their friend, you got to hang out an have multiple dates with females ,take your focus on one girl an place focus on multiple females, be picky be choosy ,i get constant requests from females that im not attracted to hang out but i dont cause im not attracted to them an im not going to torment theyre minds by hanging out with them with zero chance of romance its the gentlemen thing to do
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