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    I started going to McDonald's for breakfast. First time I went there i noticed the cleaning lady was super cute, I was attracted to her ìmmediately. I sat outside and she came out to get my tray when I was done, she was smiley and friendly. I thought this is great, she has a reason to come to me it shouldn't be too difficult to start chatting and get to know her a bit and ask her out.
    Except - she only came out one more time. One day I had to ask her to open the outdoor seating area so we had a small chat then, I made a few lame jokes which she laughed at, another time I found out she's from Spain but thats it really.
    Now when I go in, even when we literally walk right past each other there is no eye contact, I've been there 20 times this year and she doesn't even say good morning. I see her with other customers and she is lovely and chatty.
    I'm thoroughly depressed about it. I am really, really bad with women, im coming from 10 years no sex which only ended by hiring an escort. The funny thing is, my life has improved dramatically since corona, self esteem and confidence higher than ever, and I thought great - heres a sexy woman who's job is to come over to me (to collect my tray) at least i can practice chatting/flirting with her and who knows...but it just hasn't happened.
    Instead of asking her out for a coffee im seriously considering saying excuse me, im a regular here, why the fuck are you so unfriendly to me, you don't even say good morning, wtf?
    I can't even get the cleaning lady at McDonald's to smile and say good morning to me. Thats the effect I have on women and it sucks.
    Ok rant over. Thanks for reading.
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    She could be interested in you, she could be just a friendly person with everyone. She is not a waitress so she is not pay to smile and be friendly with you and she is not getting any tip either so I don't think that's the case.
    You shoud do that.. talk to her a little bit and ask for her phone number or ask her out rigth there
    But you didn't.. you didn't make a move on her for 20 times! If she had some interest in you in the beginning she figured out you lacked confidence to ask her out so she lost every interest in you. Maybe when she talk to you she didn't like you or felt uncomfortable and stop talking to you and been nice.
    if her job is to get your tray and she is not doing it she is probably avoiding you.
    Why are you so entitled? she have no obligation to be friendly to anyone. You have no rights to demand a person say good morning to you, smile or be friendly. If she does, then great but if she don't get over it. You are the one wrong here.
    You already say you are so bad with woman, well.. if you thing that is your reality you are going to express that every time you talk to a woman and they are going to figure that out and avoid you.
    Besides that you are talking you are referring to her as someone that is below you because of her job and that condescending tone isn't making you look good at all.

    Entitled, condescending and angry... you need some stuff to work on before a woman can consider dating you.
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    pretty much this.
    it seems to me that you are too much locked in your own head.
    also, id like to advise not to go to a mcdonalds for breakfast :)
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    Ok thanks for feedback.
    Not condescending sorry if that came across. I ride around my city on my bike delivering pizzas for €4 a delivery, its pretty much minimum wage and I have absolute respect for people working at the lower end of the gastro industry cos I'm one of them so no, I absolutely don't look down on them, quite the opposite.
    Entitled, well yes, I guess you're not entitled to expect people to say good morning to you but she knows me as a fairly regular customer i really don't think saying 'good morning' is expecting too much. But yes im only angry I suppose because she is clearly not interested on any level, probably never was.
    Scrambled eggs wholegrain bread roll decent cup of coffee €4, tastes good not particularly unhealthy, its pretty much what I make for myself at home, their breakfasts are ok.
    Thanks again you both make good points.
  5. She was probably just having a good day when she was nice to you, it can really suck working there some/most days. Maybe she got a boyfriend. All girls are different though, maybe she's just too anxious to talk to you because she thinks you're cute..
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    Lol cheers, i like it, stay positive! I mean, she could be thinking maaaan when is that guy gonna make a move...how do i know shes not thinking that? Thats one way of looking at it but im just deluding myself.
    Nah i think this one is DOA sadly...
  7. Also dooooooooooont overthink it because that will just make shit worse

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