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  1. PeterGrip

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    Do you think the invention of porn has caused an increase or decrease in annual rape victims?

    From one side, porn gives you a continuous outlet. On the other hand, porn encourages you to be more sexual until it may not be enough for you anymore.
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  2. GotCaught

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    Well, porn has actually increased the annual Ra*e incidents a LOT. Porn addicts binge it now and then, as a result get addicted which might even force them to rape someone. Usually the rapists are kind of financially weak and so just can't afford pro*titution. So they end up Raping

    There had been certain cases where
    5th class students have raped a girl!!
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  3. Sean Edie

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    The outlet is fake and your brain starts to want more. It's probably increased rapes since guys can look up rape porn then want to do it themselves
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  4. GotCaught

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    There even are some sites which just show rape videos
    They should be immediatiately shut down or the results might be even worse
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  5. PeterGrip

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    Do you have any evidence to support that that porn is the cause?
  6. Mr Rn

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    I feel like the deceiving image of women (and men) portrayed through porn will also twist a lot of peoples mentalities on how to get with a woman.

    If you take away porn forever starting from today, i feel like rape cases will rise. But in the long run, there will be a decrease in mental health issues, and eventually shit will level down to men working hard to earn their 'reward', I also feel like rape would be looked down upon considering less people are mislead by porn.
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  7. Lets_deal_with_it

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    Porn has definitely increased rape numbers because when you binge watch porn,your sexual nature is really off the hook and it is not uncommon that someone might rape someone else in order to get their dopamine fix.When your sexual natures recalibrates(after rebooting),then you don't need to go to extreme lengths to satisfy yourself,whether that is extreme porn or an attempt to rape.
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  10. becomingreat

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    Not studied statistics on it whatsoever, just would like to share my opinion on this. IMO rape numbers should have decreased in the last years and decades as social media, porn, media etc have made men so weak and a lot of them beta spine less males. Many men don't even have the guts to talk to women theses days let alone fucking them.
    rape? Not the modern man, no.
  11. Sorry, but this is a poorly framed question. Whether this statistic has increased or decreased does not depend on what we personally think.
  12. Melkhiresa

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    if i was a horny fucking sociopath and could not get laid as much as i would like then yeah i would watch porn or stalk people or peep and when i am caught after having raped x victims sit on my ass and tell a gullible psychiatrist : Porn made me do it.
    I have played thousand of hours in video games killed a fair amount of people too and read many more gruesome way to kill others that does not mean i will just wake up tomorrow and do it, there would have to be a good reason or something wrong in me to begin with. Or for another example just because i have a virtual soccer team that i manage does not mean i will go out of my way to do it in real life.
  13. PeterGrip

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    Did I ask for the statistic?
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  14. Rehab101

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    I think it has more to do with the individuals mental health and the social culture around then. The east is very different than the west. Even the type of rape porn are different...
  15. Melkhiresa

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    since "statistics" is not an exact science i think his question is valid, and research on the subject are ambiguous at best.
  16. Melkhiresa

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    sources? when you spout shit like this you better back it up with solid sources.
  17. Finding empirical data points is not perfect, but it's better than guessing.
  18. Austin88

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    Nobody has a need to commit sexual violence on someone else. People that rape always make a choice to force themselves on someone else. They deserve harsh punishment that will make them think twice.
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