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    An excellent topic in this internet age. There are people put there who literally don't read. They should put their dicks down and get stuck in.
  2. The Jedi Doth Return by Ian Doescher (Audio Book) - 10/10
    I was forced to listen to this instead of read it because the library didn't have a hard copy and I'm too cheap to buy a book I've never read. (Even when I loved the first two in the series; Yes, I might have a problem.)
    Looking back, I'm glad I listened to this though. The voice acting was great, and the voices sounded fairly similar to the movie.
    Can't really think of anything bad about the book right now. It was a great end to the trilogy.
    I felt like I really understood Vader's motivations for saving Luke. Maybe even more than in the movie.
  3. C_m

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    A Gentleman in Moscow 10/10. Simply excellent
  4. 0111zerozero11

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    When Breath Becomes Air
    -Dr. Paul Kalanithi

    Autobiography of Dr. Kalanithi; a philosopher & neurosurgeon driven by his calling to find the purpose of life. In his 30's, at the beginning of his career as a neurosurgeon, he is diagnosed with lung cancer.
    It is a life-changing read.

  5. Love life family

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    "Triggers" by Marshall Goldsmith.

    I cannot rate this book high enough, it is absolutely a life changer!

  6. Rainbovv

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    The Way to Love - Anthony De Mello: I'm almost done with it, and it's really fabulous. It's slightly religious but damn worth it anyway.
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    Have anybody here read anything by Stephen King? I bought some of his novels like The Outsider, The Mist, Salem's Lot, and IT but I've never read of them. I do like to read but I don't have time.
  8. I havent yet, but I'm thinking of listening to some audio books from him this month maybe. Might be nice for Halloween vibes. I wanna wait to read IT after the next film, though, because I dont want to spoil things.
  9. I've read a few of his, i like to read scary things, especially near Halloween like Castielle said. I've read Carrie, The shining, the outsider, and i think one or two other but i don't remember which ones off hand. I liked them
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    Grenadiers by Kurt Meyer 10/10
    A truly great book, will read it again.
  11. I read The Dead Zone and Apt Pupil by Stephen King. They were good reads.

    I might have read more, the guy wrote a lot of books.
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    I'm reading 60 pages into Salem's Lot and so far, it is very good and easy to read.
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    “Harmony” by Project Itoh (Keikaku Itoh).
    Summary: World in the future, human health are controlled by machines.
    Best science fiction ever!
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    Aleister Crowley - The book of lies
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    The last look I read was good.
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  16. Dexter is Delicious - 9/10

    I think this was one of my favorites of the Dexter books so far. It involved a lot of weird stuff, like cannabilism, which was different and interesting. Also, Deb and Dexter worked together a lot in this one, which is always enjoyable to read.

    Also, there's this scene where Dexter and this girl are being held captive, and they are given this water bottle that is spiked with ecstasy, but they dont know it, and it is HILARIOUS. He just gradually starts getting high and doesnt realize it, so he starts talking (in narration) about the meaning of love and stuff and it's just really funny. I was cracking up at work during that part.

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    Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.

    100/10 (enjoyed it that much) Must read for the Fapstronuaghts out there.
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    Killer: The Doug Gilmour story.

    Being a Leafs fan, I'll rate this a 8/10. I like hearing stories inside and outside of Toronto. He was always one of my fav players growing up.

    After that: I'll work on this massive book about The rise and fall of WCW
  19. The Hate U Give -- 10/10

    Really good book. I'm excited to see how the movie holds up. It's a very heart warming story that makes you think and gave me a new perspective on a tragic situation. Well written, too. I listened to the audio book, and the voice acting was really great. I liked the characters, too, especially the relationship between the main girl and her parents. It's always nice to see a story with good parents that are actually involved in their kid's lives.
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    I have. I used to read his books all of the time when I was a teen. I've reread a lot of them recently, but...they haven't aged well at all. At least to me, anyway. I usually prefer the film versions.

    He relies too much on gore, swearing (I have no problem with cursing, but he forces it in really obvious ways; like he wants you to know how edgy he can be. lol) and cliches.
    The worst one for me was Rose Madder. Don't even get me started on that one. :p

    I liked a couple of them, though:
    • The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon was a simple, but interesting short novel.
    • The Eyes of the Dragon was fantastic. Absolutely no complaints there.
    • Dolores Claiborne was good, but the spiritual stuff was rather odd.
    • The Stand was good (the TV series was even better), although it still had some annoyances.
    • Lisey's Story was really interesting, although there were some really annoying parts.
    • The Dark Tower was also good, but it went downhill after a while. I can't remember which book.
    • IT's ( :p) been a while since I've read IT, but I think it was good. I'm pretty sure that there was some triggering content in there, but it's been so long that I'm not sure on how much. Just be cautious when you read it. :)
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