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  1. It's a shame that movie did not win an Oscar for Best Picture. "Million Dollar Baby" was good and all but I felt "The Aviator" had better film-making than MDB.
  2. Exactly, and DiCaprio should have won for best actor. He did some awesome acting.
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    Hasn't he had awesome acting in just about everything?
  4. Yeah he has, but that one was just a little more awesome.
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  5. Make another thread with your spoiler free opinions. Well see If I'm able to see it this weekend or not.
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    It's a thriller themed movie that could've been a tad bit longer and more in depth with each of the characters background.

    6/10, would recommend for a weekend movie.
  7. Solo: A Star Wars Story - 8/10

    It was good than I've expected. Not bad either, but still enjoyable. Seeing it on the IMAX screen was worth it!
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    The Silver Chalice


    Interesting visual style. Paul Newman famously hated it.

    What can I say? I like Virginia Mayo.
  10. Solo - 8/10
    Good action. It was really interesting to see
    Darth Maul
    It's definitely a different type of Star Wars movie. Think Rogue One but with even less tie ins to the main Saga.i
    Not my favorite (or my least favorite) Star Wars movie. I think I'd rate it between the prequels and the rest of the movies.
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  11. Avengers age of ultron 10/10. Love that movie
  12. Why does everyone hate the prequels so much? I honestly dont see it. I like them a lot, the story isnt bad, the cast isnt bad, and there are a lot of lightsaber battles. (Obi Wan is my boy). Im not taking this out on you personally, its just that i hear it a lot.
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  13. @What I Do That Defines Me, I'm not saying I hate the prequels. I am saying I don't like them as much as Ep IV-VIII.
    I think the reason that people in general hate the prequels is because they are different than Ep IV-VI which everybody loves. There are people who get mad at every Star Wars movie that isn't like the original trilogy.

    @Taylor25 feel free to weigh in.
  14. Fair enough, I just think they get way too much negative opinion. People always say "it wasnt as bad as the prequels..." or "i stopped expecting anything out of star wars after the prequels.." and so on and i dont see the problem. I liked them better than all the most recent ones, but im pretty sure im alone in that :)
  15. The acting in the prequels is laughably terrible. I literally had to try to hold back laughter while my husband was making me watch those movies.
  16. Really? Ha ha....well, the only one that i noticed is anikin and that guy couldnt act if his life depended on it anyway....and for the record, luke skywalker wasnt exactly an oscar winning performance lokl
  17. Yeah, hayden christiansen is by far the worst, but he's one of the main characters, so it's hard to ignore. His romance with padme is just ridiculously not believable because as you said, he can't act to save his life. And for me, romance is my favorite subplot of any story, so I was not into that movie at all.
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  18. Okay, i definitley have to give you that one. The romance is goofy thanks to that guy......but hey, at least he gets sweet hair in the third one :)
  19. @reystronaut @Castielle @What I Do That Defines Me

    I enjoyed the prequel movies, despite its problems, but I'll admit that they're still flawed. The Phantom Menace was heavily flawed and I personally enjoyed the heck out Darth Maul and the soundtrack, except about the half of the cast and chippy CGI. Attack of the Clones has its scenes but the script still couldn't carry the movie and the acting was cringe. Revenge of the Sith, however, really good and it got the memorable musical score like "Battle of the Heroes", "General Grievous", and so on. Despite Hayden Christensen the Razzie Award twice for his performance in the prequels, RotS is arguably the best entry of the prequel.

    The recent SW movies are way better than the prequels if you ask me.

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