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  1. I have seen it and i liked it, thanks
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  2. Yes, there are quite a few sex scenes and some nudity. They're all fairly brief though. But a lot of mention of sexual activity and quite a few brief, mostly nude scenes.

    And by quite a few I mean like... more than 4. Probably between 4 and 6.
  3. Okay, thanks for the heads up. I may want to wait on that for now ;)
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  4. tweeby

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    Wow, I totally forgot about those. . . I guess they weren't EB sex scenes so they were prob quite forgettable for me LOL.
  5. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    Me Earl and the dying Girl 9/10

    Wow, this movie was something else. When you watch a movie like this you feel kinda cathartic, in that you appreciate the little things in life more. With a subject matter like cancer, it is always difficult to do well, especially when you are trying to inject humour. But they did this one so well. It was just the right combination of thought provoking and funny IMO. This movie really got to me. It had me laughing and had me in tears. It was a true emotional roller coaster.
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  6. Taylor25

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    8 percent on Rotten Tomatoes? Good luck with that. I won't watch it because of that score on RT but still, that movie grade of your making me want to add you to my ignore list.
  7. tweeby

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    LOL I ain't gonna lie, but I saw that too on RT. And it is true any movie that copies a game is generally suck ass.

    Thing is I played Slenderman, and I suppose that's why I watched it and enjoyed it. I think the movie was several years too late and probably just riding on Slenderman's popularity. Also, the movie has naturally got a bad vibe to it as there was a real life enactment . . .


    That being said, I still stand by my rating, there were elements that was done well. I thought the psychology was done well, the demonic possession, the descent into madness, the playing off the girl's emotional vulnerabilities, guilt and fear. The cast was excellent, sometimes the dialogue wasn't so great, and I feel they could have done a lot more in regards to selling the history behind Slenderman and its folklore roots (Pied Piper of Hamelin etc.)

    Also, I remember when 'The Ring' first did that creepy video and now it is unashamedly copied. It is obvious Slenderman uses this here.
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  8. Now You See Me 2 - 8.5/10
    Not as good as the original, but still a good movie. The magic was fun to see.

    I kind of expected the twist ending where the horsemen were conning Walter and his dad.
    I also totally expected Dylan's father to not be dead. When he was, I was kind of disappointed.
    But the sequence with the horsemen throwing the playing card around was great.
    Also, I feel like the romance between Jack and Lula came out of nowhere, and the Chinese people helping felt like a Deus Ex Machina.
  9. Lol nope, they weren't her
  10. risk_taker

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    Lost in Translation - 8.5/10
    Bill Murray becomes friends w/ Scarlett whilst being in a mid-life crisis. At differing points in their lives, the friendship blooms within Tokyo where cultural boundaries aren't helping them either. Trigger*** if Scar Jo in a tank and undies most of the time.
  11. ClaudeDuval

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    I don't really watch hollywood films but the latest documentaries I have seen that I absolutely loved were "The trade" A Mathew Heineman film documenting heroin production in Guerrero, Mexico and the impact of the heroin on the US side of the fence. #2 would have to be "Cartel Land" also my Mathew Heineman documenting the Vigilante group "Auto Defensas" of Michoacan, Mexico and their fight against the Knights Templar Cartel.
  12. Hector and the search for hapiness (suggested to me by a fellow member) 9/10. A very moving and inspirational movie.
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  13. tweeby

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    Hereditary - 5/10

    I watched this a month back, I'm sure I reviewed it but can't remember if it was here.

    Hereditary is film directors Ari Aster's debut. Rated 9/10 on rotten tomatoes it is a unique film. There is a lot that is very good in this movie. It avoids all the cliches / jump scares, and there is something very creepy about the characters. Ari Aster definitely knew he was onto something good with this one and plays with the audiences emotions as he takes them on a journey into the unknown. Ultimately the best parts are in the trailers. But this is a psychological affair so be warned.

    I had to rate it 5/10 because of the end, it was really bizarre (I won't spoil it if anyone is going to watch it) but WTF?
  14. LOTR: Return of the King (extended) - 8/10
    Great conclusion to the trilogy.
    A few thoughts:
    The ending dragged on a little long. Once the ring and Sauron were destroyed, I was ready for the movie to be over.
    It seems like Tolkien always uses the eagles as a way to save the characters. Gandalf trapped on top of a tower? Eagles. Frodo and Sam trapped on a volcano? Eagles.
    The battle scenes were pretty epic, and of course the story is great. Not my favorite in the trilogy, but not a bad movie.
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  15. Exactly, if the eagles can fly them out of mordor, why couldn't they fly them in #plothole
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  16. I just saw that last night! Lol how weird.

    I would probably give it... idk, maybe an 8 or 9. I really liked it a lot. It's hard to give something like The Meg a 10 when you've given something like, say, Les Mis, a 10. Lol because obviously they are not equal. But for what it is, I thought The Meg was really great.

    Also, I saw it with my sister, and we were sitting right in front of two other girls, and all of us (especially the other girls) were totally freaking out and cringing in anticipation and screaming. It was really funny.

    Also... Jason Statham... :emoji_heart_eyes:
  17. Yeah, thats why i gave it a 7.5, i did like it a lot for what it was, but like you said, i had to take other movies into account.

    It wasn't just girls lol, i was cringing too don't worry.

    Oh, and Jason Statham is THE MAN
  18. PowerfulSRE

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    The Intouchables 5 out of 5. I watched it a few weeks ago, but I'm still under the impression. This is must watch. A trailer is not so good, trust me and watch it if you didn't already :)

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