Rate the last movie you watched v. 1

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    Someone should watch all four film versions and tell us which one is best. My money's on Judy Garland.

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    Champion (1949) - 8/10

    Decent boxing flick with Kirk Douglas.

  3. MJ93

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    Monster House - 10/10

    I never skip October without watching this movie since 2007. :D
  4. Miss Sloane 9/10

    The ending was pretty special. Interestingly the story was inspired by the directors mother.
  5. Yeah, me either. Have you ever seen the halloween tree? its another favorite of mine
  6. Tag - 2/10
    Piece of shit, tried so hard but completely unfunny.
  7. Lovable king

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    Nice movie
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  8. marsha124

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    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. 8/10
    Saw it for the first time with my kids. Very cute! I haven't read the books, but I definitely will soon. I dare say I'm even more invested in the plot than the kids. hehe :)

    I love that film! It was so inspiring. Have you seen Walter Mitty? It's really similar in terms of being inspirational. :)

    That sounds so good! I'll definitely check it out. :D
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  9. Taylor25

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    @marsha124 I actually enjoyed the Harry Potter movie franchise. I haven't watched any of them since I saw the very last one (Deathly Hallows Pt 2) in the theater and that's a long ago. 1, 2, 3, and 8 are my favorite installments in the HP movie series.
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  10. u376

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    It's shocking that you are seeing it for the first time
    My favorite Harry Potter movie is 3rd part
  11. No, i havent seen walter mitty yet, but i should
  12. Agreed, the third one rocks
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  13. Taylor25

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    Blue is the Warmest Color - 3.5

    I get that it's well acted and written for the coming-of-age story but goddamn, it was so awkward to watch at some points and the sexuality is extremely high. I watched it as part of a study my near-future horror script and the lesbian thing was the one I needed for the horror character development. I wouldn't recommend watching it with a family member or friend and you just have to watch all by yourself and pay attention but try not to fap/masturbate to the sex/nude scenes. I didn't fap to anything in the movie but it's still pretty damn weird and sad.
  14. Wow, you're strong, I guess. Theres no way I could watch that movie. I've seen all the sex scenes and they're totally pornographic. I would definitely not recommend that movie to anyone doing nofap, personally.
  15. Eye in the sky 7.5/10. Decent movie with good cast.
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  16. MJ93

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    Punisher: War Zone - 7/10

    Not bad. The actions were pretty decent. The casting was ok. Although some were pretty disturbing. I didn't expect to hear a Slipknot song playing in this. But overall, I liked it. :D And I'm a long time fan of The Punisher.
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  17. The Haunting of Hill House - 11/10

    I'm declaring this a movie. Lol it's a mini series, but it's basically just one really long movie, told in 10 episodes. And it is the greatest thing I've seen all year. So well done in every capacity, and such a beautiful story. I'm loving this new medium of mini-series, because it gives writers the ability to create such a better story than you could make in an hour and half of film. So great. Everyone should watch it, if you can handle a little bit of scariness.
  18. u376

    u376 Fapstronaut

    Fantastic beast and crime of.....
    The mountain 2
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  19. MJ93

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    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald - 6/10
    It was ok, found it a little boring. I didn't know that Johnny Depp was in it, and I didn't even reckonize him.
  20. Ralph Breaks the Internet - 8.5/10

    I honestly liked this one a little better than the first one. All of the cameos and the fact that Disney poked fun at itself a few times made this an overall good movie.
    I'd like to watch it again when it comes to dvd.

    - Message/Theme
    - All the references/cameos
    - Mid credits and end credits scene
    - The animation was really good
    - The internet was presented in a funny way (with a little bit of truth)
    - Disney wasn't afraid to make fun of itself

    - The princesses could have played a bigger role (don't judge)
    - Needed more Star Wars cameos :);)
    - Needed more Avengers cameos :)
    - The mid credits scene made me cringe (yes I know that's also in the good; you have to see the movie)

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