Rate the last movie you watched v. 1

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Taylor25, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Somanyashes

    Somanyashes Fapstronaut

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout.
    I just watched this recently, and as far as action films go, it's really good! You could replace the starring cast with no-name actors, and it would still be just as good. So yeah... it's a good movie. I'd give it a solid 8.5.
  2. Gotham Outlaw

    Gotham Outlaw Fapstronaut

    Game night: 6.5/10
    It was okay, but not great.
  3. Yeah, that was one of my favorites in the series, but i gotta say tom cruise being in it is definitely a plus for me :)
  4. I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye 10/10

    One of the most courageous documentaries I've ever seen. Not sure if I now agree with everything Joshua Harris believes in but I do respect him for admitting that was wrong and apologising for how wrong he was.
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  5. MJ93

    MJ93 Fapstronaut

    Creed II - 8/10
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  6. I've been meaning to watch this. Because boy did I hate most of that book. Lol

    Gasp! I adored that movie. Just bought it for 5 dollars, black Friday sale. But to each his own, of course :p
  7. Far and away 8/10. Good film that doesnt get very much respect.
  8. Contentful T

    Contentful T Fapstronaut

    EWWW. How could you do that?!

    Crimes of Grindelwald 2/10. Yes, completely unwatchable.
  9. u376

    u376 Fapstronaut

    Because I like Johnny Depp
    And I liked watching this movie in theatre.....
    And I think people are being too hard on this
  10. Gotham Outlaw

    Gotham Outlaw Fapstronaut

    I must've been too busy adoring Rachel McAdams.
  11. Lol same. But I thought you said you didnt like it that much? I thought she and Jason Bateman were such a perfect couple for those roles. They were so believable as husband and wife.
  12. Gotham Outlaw

    Gotham Outlaw Fapstronaut

    I thought she did a good job. It was more the side characters that I didn't like. Maybe I wasn't in the right mood when I watched it.
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  13. Avengers: infinity war

    a huge fucking disappointment

  14. Gotham Outlaw

    Gotham Outlaw Fapstronaut

    How so? It seems like everyone else I talked to liked that movie
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  15. Ah, gotcha. Yeah, I dont think I was as crazy about some of the side characters either.
  16. Taylor25

    Taylor25 Fapstronaut

    84 percent on Rotten Tomatoes? Good luck with that.
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  17. Gotham Outlaw

    Gotham Outlaw Fapstronaut

    It also made over $2 billion at the box office.
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  18. C_m

    C_m Fapstronaut

    Ballad of Buster Scruggs
    Coen brothers at their best
  19. jk243

    jk243 Fapstronaut

  20. It was just disappointing in a lot of ways. There were too many characters for any individual one to develop much, or even for development of the subgroups they were separated into. When Star Lord's emotional response stopped them from pulling Thanos' gauntlet off, was really annoying. Thanos seemed to win way too easily, and the way it ended sucks, because there were way too many characters disappearing for them to have actually died, I know they will come back somehow, and this being so obvious meant the end wasn't very effective.

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