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  1. BruceD

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    Once Upon A Time in Hollywood...absolute blast! More of the "Jackie Brown" Tarantino but that's far superior to what is currently passing for cinema!
  2. Nervesofsteel

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    looking forward seeing this one
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  3. Das Boot - a German WWII submarine film. The best portrayal of chaos that I've ever seen. I watched the 3+ hour Director's cut and wasn't bored for a second.
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  4. drummer2244

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    Hobbs & Shaw - 6.5/10

    There were parts that were absolutely ridiculous and didn't make sense. However it was still a "fun" movie to watch with some really entertaining action scenes. I've decided you have to treat F&F movies like super hero movies, you need to suspend your belief a little.

    I'm really happy to find this thread. I love watching movies, and I've kinda gotten away from it lately. I just downloaded a few to watch later (would rather replace other habits with movies again). I also just joined the Regal Unlimited plan for my local theater so I plan on going to see a lot of movies and would love to see some recommendations from everyone here.
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  5. Toy Story 4 - 8/10
    This seemed to have a pretty similar feel to the first three movies. It was entertaining and I love Key and Peele's characters as the comic relief.

    The ending was a little sad, but it was nice how everything worked out.

    Would recommend as a great family friendly movie or if you liked the previous Toy Story movies.
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  6. Haven't been to the cinema for a long time here in the UK - too expensive and there are too many sequels and prequels, special effects etc. Not my thing.

    Nothing really appeals to me which is why I PMO. But the last film I saw on tv the other week was Berlin Syndrome, I would rate it as 8/10, I found it quite believable, absorbing and disturbing. Would recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it.
  7. Juice 8/10
    I was genuinely surprised when I saw this yesterday. It was really good, the tone shift was unexpected too.
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  8. SuperFan

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    Agreed, this movie was awesome. Only Quentin Tarantino can depict someone getting torched with a flamethrower in a way that makes you laugh your ass off.

    And DiCaprio and Brad Pitt were both amazing.
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  9. C12345

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    Rewatched The Book of Eli, not as good as when I was younger but that scene where he's fighting the raiders under the bridge is fucking sick. 6/10
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  10. BruceD

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    Yep, Brad Pitt was the ultimate old school Alpha Male. Really what they call a Sigma. I was on the edge of my seat at the end. I laughed like hell too! Nice fantasy twist on what was otherwise so horrible.
  11. Taylor25

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    I liked that movie. Maybe just because I like that Fallout 3 setting kind of thing at the time.
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  12. Jane elise

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    It is so old movie Home Alone
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  13. Jane elise

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  14. Braveheart: 10 out of 10.
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  15. Nervesofsteel

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    one of my favs heard there making sequel with Robert the bruce
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  16. u376

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    into the wild
  17. Us 4/10

    Or maybe 3... I'm not sure. It was definitely disappointing. I had already heard from a lot of people that it wasn't good, so my expectations were pretty low. It just didn't work. There were so many plot holes and it wasn't scary. It was an interesting and strange concept, but the execution didn't work.

    EDIT: The more I think about this movie, the more I don't like it. The main problem is that you have to choose a lane. Either you're going to explain the whole thing with "this is supernatural, so just accept it," in which case you don't have to have answers for everything, OR you're going to explain it with "this is science fiction and man made," in which case you DO have to have answers.

    The problem with Us is that they should have gone with the former, and instead they went with the latter, and it was full of plot holes. They explained everything in the movie by saying
    that the "tethered people" were clones created by man and abandoned generations ago
    , but if that's the case, then there are just a million questions that can't possibly be explained.

    Where did they get the red suits and scissors?
    How are they linked with their above-ground counterparts and controlled by them?
    If the man who created these clones abandoned them generations ago, then how do they keep making new clones, like the children?
    What was their freaking plan? They just wanted to get out from underground, kill everybody, and hold hands? Why?

    There are so many more questions. It's just not a well written movie. And apparently Jordan Peele wanted to make some kind of statement about society and social classes and stuff, but that was not expressed well enough at all.

    Overall, there are just way too many unanswered questions. As a writer, if I came up with that idea, I would think to myself "that sounds cool, but I can't write that yet, because there are too many unexplained questions. I have to figure out how to answer those questions first." It's just bad writing, plain and simple. Unless you're going to say there is some kind of magical or supernatural element involved, you need to explain everything with logic. And they did not do that, at all. I would have been much happier if they just said that the tether people have existed since the beginning of time, because that's just how the world is, because magic. Then you don't need to answer as many questions, and people can suspense their disbelief. But if it's a man-made situation, it has to have logic and be explainable.
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  18. titkata92

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    Im watching The walking dead. Best tv series ever watched 9/10
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    Disney's Mulan - 7/10 turned a bit jealous of general Chan. (What am I doing with my life)

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