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  1. i do love brave, up, wall-e, toy-story, finding nemo, kung-fu panda, big-hero 6 ... but actually i dont discriminate if i like something i just simply like it for whole life... i watch Madagascar first part around 8 years ago but it is still in favorite... i'm just kidding of feeling low and i want to cheer up my mood for studies... thats why i dont want to see any serious animation... i was planning for kung-fu-panda but i drop that... and its completely fine with your score 7/10... it is not that everyone like everything in a movie...
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  2. I need for a movie to strike a balance between realism, and being interesting.

    I just don't like movies about sci-fi, animation, or too action heavy.

    i like action, but it's got to look plausable.

    Superhero movies are just stupid.
  3. Speedo424

    Speedo424 Fapstronaut

    Leaving Las Vegas.

    Made me cry. It's a little too dramatic but it's somehow more tragical than movies which take themselves seriously.

  4. CLaYFiRC

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    Also watched The Buddy Holly Story last week. Buddy is my favorite musical artist, and I wanted to show my fiancee the film based on him. It's super inaccurate but has some good moments (such as all the music and singing being done live in one take). Gary Busey is fantastic in the movie as well! 6/10
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  5. u376

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  6. safarihats

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    I just watched Palm Springs, the new Lonely Island film on Hulu which was pretty fun. I'd give it an 8/10, maybe even an 8.5.
  7. black_coyote

    black_coyote Fapstronaut

    Saving Private Ryan.


    It is a masterpiece
  8. Taylor25

    Taylor25 Fapstronaut

    8 out of 10 and call it a masterpiece??? 8/10 isn't considered a masterpiece so I'm confused about what are you grading.
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  9. Zarkh

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    Con Air [1997]

    Sorry, Nicholas Cage, but this one's a 1.3 for me.
  10. black_coyote

    black_coyote Fapstronaut

    Well the standards and factors of grading in this case has to do with individual tastes and perceptions. I used the term "masterpiece" to communicate how I felt about the movie overall.
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  11. fredisthebes

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    Silence of the Lambs - bbrrrr, forgotten quite how upsetting this was. I saw all the hokey sequels in the cinema, but this is the one that counts. Hopkins manages to stay the right side of hammy, and Jodie Foster is really great. If you've not seen this before, and you like to be scared in that 90s psychological thriller way, this is the best of the lot. Dim the lights, turn off your phone, and enjoy.
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  12. CLaYFiRC

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    Watched The Magnificent Seven and the remake of it this past week.

    The original from 1960 was a bit hokey but stands up for the most part. Like any Western from that era, it can drag at times. Just a lot of dialogue and very slow scenes. It does have an all-star cast for the time,which does elevate it. I know this one is a classic, but I had a hard time getting into it. 6/10

    I actually enjoyed the remake quite a bit. The cast was phenomenal, the story didn't drag, and the music was amazing (RIP James Horner). The last hour or so of the film is a fantastic Western battle. 7.5/10

    Also watched Bone Tomahawk last weekend. We're kind of on a Western kick at our house. I really enjoyed this one. Kurt Russell is always great in anything he is in, and I liked the horror elements mixed in the Western genre. 7.5/10
  13. onceaking

    onceaking Fapstronaut

    Silence (2016)

    Almost a perfect movie. It caused me to have many questions about Christianity, missionary work and Japan after watching it. The only issue I had was that the priests were Portuguese but were speaking English. If they were speaking Portuguese then I'd give it 10/10
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  14. Akeakua

    Akeakua Fapstronaut

    It has been a while!

    Last 3 watched:
    Priceless (2006) French rom-com. Probably give this one a 6.5/10. I had a few good chuckles. Lead actors were great.

    Sabrina (1995) A joy to watch. Very classy and refreshing. 7.5/10. I do recommend!

    Big Night (1996) Two Italian brothers running a restaurant in America. One business-minded, the other focused on not Americanizing the menu or recipes. The business is suffering. This film has great dialogue and great acting! And the last half of the film is great!! It's all pretty great. 8.5/10.
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  15. onceaking

    onceaking Fapstronaut

    Official Secrets

    Had never heard of Katharine Gun and since I didn't know her story the ending surprised me. Also had no idea the Observer was originally in favour of the Iraq war. It was a film that reminded me how deceitful George W. Bush and his administration were, and really we shouldn't view him as a hero just because he wasn't as bad as Trump.
  16. Tryingto

    Tryingto Fapstronaut

    Thumbs up - I rewatched this about three months ago.
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  17. Tryingto

    Tryingto Fapstronaut

    The Color Purple - 7/10 but take out the thirty minute 'Steven Spielberg ending' and it's a well done 8/10. Much to recommend in this all around, but Whoopi Goldberg's performance is pretty much a stand out for me.
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  18. Lord Pickles

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    I have just watched Midori anime movie. It is one of the most creepiest movies ever. In fact, it had some of the most graphic scenes ever seen in any movie. Because of this japan immediately banned it. And only few people have seen it. It was made by only one guy who poured all his savings and time and effort into it. It took him years to make it. Poor guy.... it was all a waste...

    verdict : 6 / 10
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  19. Chevu Chelios

    Chevu Chelios Fapstronaut

    The Ascent - 8/10
    Russian movie about World War II , great acting performances , i strongly recommend.
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  20. OoMahidoO

    OoMahidoO Fapstronaut

    Annihilation 8/10
    The movie was beautiful
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