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  1. Giuseppe

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    A Man for All Seasons (1966). 10/10

    I love everything about this movie from the story, characters, acting, and writing. I think Paul Scofield's performance gives so much dignity to St. Sir. Thomas More and Robert Shaw is an amazing Henry VIII. Plus it has other giants like Orsen Welles and John Hurt, which is trippy to see John Hurt so young.
  2. The Batman. I saw it at the premiere on Friday. 9.5/10. Finally we got a Batman being the world's greatest detective, inspired directly by the most important Batman comics while keeping it realistic. A film noir (with an impressive matching score) showing the evolution of an inexperienced Batman, motivated by vengeance, to a symbol of hope and fear. My only complaints are that the movie should have been a bit shorter and the relationship between Batman and Catwoman was not fleshed out enough. Other than that it exceeded my expectations and I cannot wait to see it again.
  3. Bryce97

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    The Batman 9.5/10
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  4. Bryce97

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    100% agree. Literally posted the same score just before seeing your review. Best Batman movie to date, even kicking the dark Knight off it's throne.
  5. onceaking

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    Black Swan

    Finally saw it. Didn't realize one of the genres of this film was horror and I don't particularly like horror. At times it's creepy and occasionally I had to look away at some scenes. Still, it's an interesting story and for most of the film, I found myself wondering how much of what was going on was real or in the main character's head. I found myself drawn to Lily (Mila Kunis) than Nina (Natalie Portman). It might be because for so much of my life I've been as uptight as Nina and want to be as free as Lily.
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  6. Death on the Nile 10/10

    Agatha Christie is amazing, and I'm so excited that they're making her books into movies again. The actor who plays Poirot is fantastic. The movie was so great. A really great cast, and of course a wonderful story with good twists and red herrings and misdirections.

    I also really enjoyed the romance. I felt like Poirot and his love interest in this film had very well-matched wit, and their flirtatious banter was so enjoyable. All around, some really well-crafted characters, which is no surprise for an Agatha Christie story.
  7. onceaking

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    I want to see that. Have you seen Murder on the Orient Express?
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  8. Jhondurd3n

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    Peaky blinders season 6 10/10
    40 days and 40 nights 10/10
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  9. Yes! Loved that one too. I think I knew some of that story already, though, but this one I hadn't read or watched any other movies of, so I had no idea what it would be about.
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  10. veffohefrufroi

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    The last movie I watched was Disappeared, my rating for this movie is 9/10. Of course a big and important role in the movie was played by the correctly selected cast. Ben Affleck was very sincere, heartbroken and absolutely desperate.
    Rosamund Pike is great! There's no point in listing all the cast members, there are quite a few and they are all praiseworthy. I even downloaded it from the pirate bay for my home collection. The movie itself is very interesting, it rocks very slowly and then you just can't tear yourself away from it.
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  11. onceaking

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    Never heard of Caroline Vigneaux before seeing but wow! She's gorgeous! If she wasn't in it I probably would have given it a lower rating. So yeah, I'm probably being a bit shallow here. Having said that the film does show a fair bit of French history, some parts I was familiar with and others I wasn't. One thing I don't get about the film though is the main character at times comes across as being a bit stupid which doesn't make sense since she's a lawyer
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  12. I've re-watched several movies recently:

    Guardians of the Galaxy 5/5

    Knives Out 5/5 (I cannot wait for more Benoit Blanc movies!)

    Scream 3 - 3/5 (Been watching these movies for the first time. I think this one was probably my least favorite so far, but still fun.)

    Taken 5/5 (That scene where he's on the phone listening to his daughter being dragged out and kidnapped is so gut-wrenching. Such a fantastic movie. Liam Neeson is one of instant-watch actors for me. He's always so great.)

    Taken 2 - 5/5

    I don't really remember the plot of the 3rd Taken movie, but I'm gonna watch it again soon.
  13. onceaking

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    West Side Story (2021)

    A lot better than the original. I read one review saying there was no point in remaking it but I can't disagree more. I went back and watched clips of the old one on YouTube after watching this film, and compared to the 2021 version it is dull and inauthentic. I probably would give it a higher rating if I enjoyed the story more but West Side Story is such a sad story.
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    are those your actual DVD's or did you just download this picture ?
  15. SpartanWarriorForLife

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    i live in Egypt near the Nile River , and my main language is arabic , they should've casted me in the movie as one of the main charechters !
  16. The Guilty - 4/5

    Watched this on Netflix last night. It was a pretty powerful movie, and Jake Gyllenhaal was absolutely fantastic. Which is no surprise, because he's a really great actor. I loved getting to see so much emotion from a man in media.

    It's about a police officer who has been put on 911 operator duty. It's clear from the start of the film that he's gotten in trouble for something really serious, and that's why he's been pulled from the streets, and other characters respond a but callously toward him. Although that's also partially because he's a bit of a jerk at times.

    It had some cool twists and was a bit of a mystery at times, regarding what the officer did to get in trouble and what's going on with his family having animosity toward him. Very suspenseful. I guess the only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars is because it wasn't exactly what I was expecting it would be, so that's probably an unfair rating. It was really great for what it was trying to do.

    Also a really great idea for during the pandemic, which I think is when it was filmed. Because there are only about 4 actors on screen, and they're always fairly far away from each other. Everything else in the story takes place over the phone. Which gave Jake a great opportunity to show off his acting chops with reactions, and I think he did a fantastic job of it. I could feel the frustration he had, having to listen in to these calls when he is used to being there, on the field, and now he has to rely on other officers to tell him what's going on. That was an interesting dynamic.
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  18. ndaty

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    Breakfast at Tiffany's
    Finally, i watched it! So lovely! The lil speech he gave her when he left the cab.. twas sth

  19. More than 14 days in and I am still making the fun of the movie as well as Jared Leto, the crew, and its audience. Also, I have no desire to buy or watch Morbius at all, but who fuck wants to see this trash? The movie's a motherfucking disgrace, and it's obvious a meme at this point.
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  20. Ambulance - 5/5

    I saw this last weekend by myself at the theater, and I really enjoyed it. Jake Gyllenhaal, once again, was so fantastic. He plays that manic , off-the-rails bad guy really well.

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