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    yeah spirited away ...my 2nd fav anime movie
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    Top Gun Maverick was an amazing movie.

    I thought it was an uneeded sequel (which it is)

    I came to the movie theatre wanting to see actual fighter jets in action and my socks were quickly blown. The story was pretty good too for a 2 hour long military recruiting ad.

    And in typical nofap fashion: I watched it by myself.
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  5. Gone in the Night - 7/10

    Definitely some plot holes in this movie, and it wasn't exactly anything to write home about, but it was entertaining. And I love Winona Ryder, and the romance between her and Durmont Mulroney was really sweet.

    If you're looking for an entertaining, but not too deep or scary, thriller, it's worth a watch imo.
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    Black Phone, 8.8/10
    The best movie I've seen this summer. :)
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    Just Mercy (10/10)
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  8. The People vs. Fritz Bauer (8/10)- a good chance to improve my German, but I felt like the movie should have had an extra plot point.
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    "Nope" 2 thumbs up
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    The Most Reluctant Convert, 7.5/10
  12. Cleaner - 10/10

    Really great movie. Very well written. The only thing that was a little bit of a negative to me was
    the fact that, because of who the actor is, I pretty much knew who the bad guy was all along, because he always plays a bad guy lol

    But aside from the ending being a little predictable in that way for me, it was really good.
  13. Platoon (1986), 7/10, another Vietnam war movie, it`s very direct and it keeps your attention for 2 hours, although it is very chaotic - the scenes with shooting are tense, but also messy and from time to time you can`t keep on who`s shooting on who, but then again maybe that was the director`s plan, to show you that everything in the jungle is blurry and disconnected. Considering that Oliver Stone was in the war, he knows how to transfer that experience on viewer. Another flaw is huge cast, the group consists of 10+ main soldiers, but you don`t get the character backstories and growth, except for main character, and he is also somewhat of an enigma, you can not really connect with him, Charlie Sheen could have done better job. Willem Dafoe`s character is best written and played, and the others are more or less episodic with little screen time and presence. If you want better Vietnam flicks, Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket are two best films on the subject in my opinion, along with maybe The Deer Hunter.

    Heavy metal (1981), 8/10, great camp fun for all who love comics and slapstick humor. Maybe it`s little dated for today, but you can still watch it with your friends and laugh all the way through.
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    Midsommar, 7? Or mayb 6.5
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    The Labyrinth

    It's a children's movie and not even one of the best I've seen, but the soundtrack is great and David Bowie's performance as Jareth The Goblin King is captivating. Also I liked the fairytale-like vibes. I certainly liked this more as an adult than back when I first saw this as a kid. (I guess the muppets were creepy and the final confrontation being the bad guy singing followed by dialogue didn't make sense to my preteen brain.)

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  16. Misery(1990), 9/10, amazing psychological thriller/horror, full of suspense and unexpected twists, ideal movie to watch on a rainy day, or at night. The story/script is very well written, and actors did great job, so it was a movie that could not flop.

    Antichrist(2009), ?/10, do not watch if you are avoiding sex scenes, apart from that another example of interesting psychological horror/drama that leaves you with many questions to think about, like most of Von Trier`s movies. Direction is experimental and pretty dark, the score terrific, acting well done. I do not know how to rate it, because it`s one of those films that are not for anyone, and it takes some time to grow on viewer, but I personally liked it and recommend it.
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    Parasite - I'm much more of a TV guy so I'm usually very difficult to please when it comes to films/movies. However, Parasite was so absorbing and intriguing right from the start. I absolutely loved it, and the ending (no spoilers) was perfect. I can't really fault it so I'll give it 10/10.
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  18. @MisterWhite264 Isn't Antichrist considered offensive by all those audiences who saw it? What about Von Trier's filmography which is all considered "weird?"
  19. Offensive is individual standard, I believe that people who are attacking films with interesting and cleverly shot sex/violence/rape scenes are either unintelligent and ignorant, or on the other hand repressed and limited in their views of the world, and also they could be the meanest deep down, and by attacking the things like films they hide their true self. Movie is art, a medium that can communicate with viewer and change perspective about life in general. For me, Von Trier is one of the few famous and acknowledged directors who shine bright light in this shit political correct world, while meanwhile Hollywood delivers movies for idiots and 12 year-olds that are not saying anything and do not have any real value. Von Trier`s movies are touching very serious everyday life topics(such as sexuality, depression, meaning of life and death..) and human psychology. After watching movies like that you think for hours about people and how fucked deep down they(we) really are, and you become more aware to the life around you. In a world where millions of kids are everyday used for black market, sex and organ trafficking, where wars are non-stop, where large number of men jerk off to incest and BDSM porn, isn`t it really comic and absurd to find an art movie OFFENSIVE?
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  20. Oh and yeah by the way I would recommend all of the controversial/banned movies for everyone to see, movies like Crash(1996), The Devils(1971), A Clockwork Orange(1971), Salo(1975)... because this movies shows you what people are really like behind the everyday masks and facades they make, how all of us are not free and what absolute freedom really means. Okay, they are full of nudity and sex, but if you are not looking at that with sinful eyes, but with understanding that human sexuality is natural and normal thing, that it should never be taboo, you could enjoy and understand hidden truths behind all of the sex and violence.
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