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    Everything is bad, and almost everything is not tolkien
  2. Lol, Even Overlord Bezos' own son told his dad "not to fuck up Lord of the Rings." I wonder how he feels right now.
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    I don't quite know what to say about this film. I feel like anything I could say about it would risk taking away from the experience. I for one got spoiled by descriptions of the film online on something I'd probably have been better off not knowing.

    It's a psychological thriller about a disgraced puppeteer who carries with himself a brown suitcase where ever he goes. In the suitcase there's a puppet that the puppeteer is desperate to get rid of, but which seems to keep ending up back in his possession.

    The themes of the movie are what really did it for me, but yet again I feel like I can't talk about them in depth without spoiling something. I can say that childhood trauma is a central theme.

    I'd really recommend just watching the movie without reading up on it any further.
  4. Outpost (2008)
    As a Call of Duty Nazi Zombies enthusiast, I highly recommend this movie, I like Zombie movies in general, but Add in Nazi Zombies and you have peaked my interest.
  5. Cirilla

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    All Quiet On The Western Front. 10/10. Incredible movie.
  6. One Eyed Owl

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    The Predator 9/10

    A classic old school movie. With great performances by Arnold and Carl Withers. I think this movie rivals Alien in terms of fearing for the characters while they are been hunted by some unknown force.
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    Darkness Falls 7/10

    Really effective horror. I think I would have rated it higher if some of the rest of the movie were a bit better. The characters are pretty bland and the romance was pretty unnecessary. While I really loved the monster, the whole tooth fairy was a bit much.
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    "Autoluminescent: Rowland S. Howard" - Richard Lowenstein & Lynn-Maree Milburn (8/10)

    -Brilliant documentary on the great, and extremely underrated guitarist, Rowland S. Howard for one of the greatest motherfuckin' (and underrated as fuck) bands ever; The Birthday Party (schizo, mental-institute-esque, unstable, inaccessible music) !! I wish there were more segments on the BP, but nonetheless, it was a great insight into the psyche of Howard.

    "The Godfather" & "The Godfather Part II" - Francis Ford Coppolla (10/10) & (10/10)

    -I've seen these movies already. Rewatched them for the 8th time. One of the few movies that I agree with the mainstream critics and audiences when they say it's one of the greatest movies ever made. Are they greatest movies ever made? Not #1 & #2, but definitely deserve to be in the conversation. They're fucking brilliant. If you haven't watched it, go fucking watch it! Screw the critics, the audience and the status that it has, they are great movies!!

    "No Country For Old Men" - The Coen Brothers (9/10)

    - Classic movie! Rewatched it for the 15th time, as the Coen brothers? You can never go wrong with them, as I've said earlier! Brilliant cat and mouse, cathartic violent movie.

    "Barbarian" - Zach Cregger - (3/10)

    - Horribly laughable horror movie! All the segments, like some wanna-be Pulp Fiction shit, tried to tie it all together, and inevitably had nothing to say about anything. My friend and I had a great time tearing this movie apart, it was unintentionally hilarious! Stupid movie!
    However, the main actress, Georgina Campbell is quite the cutie! So it gets a 3 for that, because this doesn't deserve anything beyond a 2. I swear, critics these days are virtue-signaling, young, don't-know-shit besides watching shitty video-essays on youtube critics. They have terribly thought out opinions and tolerate horse-shit like this movie. It does not deserve any praise, even though that's what it's getting right now!!
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  9. One Eyed Owl

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    The Predator 2 6/10

    It's kind of meh.
  10. Pauley

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    Interstellar 9/10

    Epic movie. Bit crazy at times, but with all the high production value absolutely worth to watch.


    7.5 / 10

    Good horror movie. Music makes it quite scary. Lot's of tension in this movie.

    Sinister 2

    4 / 10

    Quite boring in comparisson to the first one.
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    The Witch 5/10

    The idea is really good and the performances were pretty genuine. My problem while it was nice to get 100% historical, at the same time it was really hard to understand what they were saying in the more emotional scenes. Again I like the idea but there were few times were I was terrified by the stuff that was happening. I also kind of lost it when the father was killed by a goat. One of the most hilarious scenes in the movie.
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    Definetly :D
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  14. [​IMG]

    Bollywood film about the Indian 1983 cricket team that won the World Cup. A very fun movie with a lot of likeable characters. LB didn't like how the producers demonized the West Indies team though, suggesting that they were overly violent in the way they played. The West Indies didn't need to be violent, they were just the best in the world at the time. But LB supposes the producers wanted a specific "enemy" for the Indian team to beat, and they wanted to heighten the tension by making you not want to like the West Indies team that much. Still, she's gonna dock points from their score for doing that.

    She'll give a 7/10.
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    Alien (1979)
    It wasn't bad, but it could have been better. It wasn't scary, there were couple jump scares but they were kinda meh. What bothered me was that crew seemed incompetent. Especially one person, which I can kind of forgive by the end of a movie, cos you find out they had other motives. But they all constantly make irrational decisions.

    Like throwing out a body of a dead person in space, as a type of space funeral—why not freeze it and bring it back to earth!? It had alien DNA in it, it needs to be investigated! And what if the guy has family who would like to say goodbye?! You don't just throw dead body like that out in space when you have ability to quarantine it and preserve it, wtf!

    And then they do not have any quarantine protocol! They brake it first time, which is understandable, cos person might die. But then once they let them inside the ship they just walk around like nothing happened! Just because you had short contact with rest of the crew does not mean that you still don't have to quarantine inside of the ship!

    And there was this one scene where sick person wakes up and instead of guaranteeing him and doing tests on him they bring them at the table to eat with rest of the crew! Captain should know better; you can not become captain of a ship without understanding basic protocol! And science officer should say something too!

    I rate the movie—:mad:
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    I watched it like a month ago and had the same problem. The crew was very stupid. Also like they decided to split up and how everybody died on their own was really annoying to watch.
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    Trainspotting (1996) - 10/10. One of the best movies I've ever seen and the best movie about drug addicts.
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    The last film I watched was "Me Time" - 10/10
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  19. LB had very similar thoughts about this movie as well! She thought the crew was incredibly stupid and did a ton of dumb stuff. If she had been in charge she would have scienced the crap out of the first guy who got the facehugger instead of just letting him walk around happy as can be. Maybe would have found the eggs. In any case, super bad decision not to keep him in quarantine after coming in contact with unknown life. But suppose that wouldn't make for a good story, so things had to go badly.
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    Genius film! Definitely in my top 25
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