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    "The Post" - Steven Spielberg - (6/10)

    Spielberg. The name has become a household brand, and though in some respects, it's well deserved, in others, not so much. That's right, I just said that. This is a film about how the documents have been leaked for the U.S.'s involvement in the Vietnam War and how it was for no other reason other than to send troops to die and how news reporters are terrified of reporting on it after the Times gets taken to court for it.
    The Post is a well-made film on a technical level and definitely has moments that are interesting, but it doesn't feel urgent. It's hard not to play compare and contrast with other reporter/whistleblower films such as the famous and great film "All the President's Men" where it lets the events unfold, even though you know the ending without holding your hand. The Post feels too safe and doesn't quite say anything besides there should be more strong female leaders. Nothing wrong with that, but it didn't exactly drive it home all that well. Beautiful cinematography, and soundtrack, and well acted; but nothing special.
    Didn't mind watching it, but wouldn't watch it again.


    "Truth" - James Vanderbilt - (5.5/10)

    Another reporter/whistleblower film. Another not great film, but not terrible and it was well acted with some heavy hitting actors. The dialogue bothers me. I hate flashy, self-serving dialogue such as Tarantino's narcissistic, childish horse-shit (that's right, I said it!), Kevin Smith, and that fucking idiot Ass (Joss) Whedon who single-handedly influenced all those godawful, the-world-is-better-without shit-Marvel movies.
    What "Truth" is about is how this news station (forgot the name) finds a team that discovers that Bush has received favors to be relieved of duty as Bush goes around fronting what is essentially, stolen valor. Then the article the news station gets out, and internet forums tear apart the documents and call them fake. The validity is then put into question. It was interesting.
    Though the dialogue doesn't overdo it, it can be intrusive and took me out of it a couple of times. Once again, not a bad film, decently made, but it felt slow, and unbelievable at certain parts, and took way too many easy ways out. It held your hand way too much. Didn't really care for it and I could've gone without.


    "Good Night, And Good Luck" - George Clooney - (6/10)

    Just like "The Post," another well-acted, well-made film, and it has a lot of political overtones, such as "The Post" that overlap with today's times. (Forgot to mention that in "The Post" review) About a tv broadcaster who outs Nixon and goes to toe and walks the fine line between controversial, pandering to one political side, to enlightening. It had a lot of great actors in it. Once again, didn't mind watching it, but wouldn't watch it again.


    "Dark Waters" - Todd Haynes - (9/10)

    Now, as you can already tell, I've been on a reporter/whistleblower binge of movies and this one was a rewatch. I've seen this before last year and the first time watching it, I didn't give it the credit it deserved because I watched it after "Spotlight" - Tom McCarthy which was also another whistleblower film that ALSO stars Mark Ruffalo and it was fantastic! (Highly recommend SPOTLIGHT as well!) Spotlight was hardcore, and I was coming off of that, but that doesn't take away anything from this one. This one is about the great Robert Bilott case against DuPont about how they've been poisoning people since the 50's with Teflon. Brilliant, frustrating, and beautiful film about how fucked up the system is and how they use their pull to their advantage. Couldn't recommend enough!


    "The Thin Red Line" - Terrence Malick - (8.5/10)

    I bought this movie about 7 years ago and for whatever reason, maybe its because I was intimidated at the time of the length of the movie, (2 hours and 50 minutes. Honestly, even at that time, was not even close to the longest movie that I've seen...) or maybe it's because I wanted to get to other movies first,
    Whatever it may have been, i finally watched it and it was amazing. All-star cast with everybody knocking it the fuck out. It's a war film, that's all I will say about that that happens to be a philosophical, poetic one. Different approach, and though at times, the voice-over can be a bit corny, other times, it's beautiful and speaks a lot about war and the experience that others go through. Though I feel it's more fantasy and the way we SHOULD feel about war, unlike other war films that represent what war turns us into, such as movies like "Full Metal Jacket", "Paths of Glory", "The Deer Hunter", "Waltz with Bashir", or "Apocalypse Now."
    (All great fucking films!!! Watch them!!)
    So THE THIN RED LINE is more poetry, keep that in mind, but still brutal. Another recommend. It definitely got the brain jogging, and inspired me to write.
    Now come to think of it, I need to watch more war films.

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    Fucking classic! Also in my top 25 (maybe 50) films ever
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    How did that alien grow that fast anyway? Humans getting jealous with 9 month long pregnancy :D
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    Underwater 8/10

    Didn't think I would enjoy this movie, but I was a bit surprised. The beginning is probably the toughest part, just because you really haven't gotten anytime with the characters. I think what really like about it is the underwater horror. There is so many things that you could do with that idea but for what ever reason there isn't.
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    Aliens (1986)

    A sequel to Alien ("and it's called Aliens, cos there is now more than one alien, but it would not make sense to call it Alien 2, cos there are more aliens than just 2"—James Cameron probably); way better than the first one! I loved the setup at the beginning of the movie, I am not sure whether it was because I was already familiar with the main character from the previous movie or it simply was better? It did not feel like it was dragged, like the first movie, where I just wanted to get to action; here I actually enjoyed the whole getting to that planet part.
    Ripley also seems more interesting here, in the first movie she was just badass, but here she is more dimensional, we get to see her having some PTSD and yet she faces her fears despite of it. Just leveled up the character for me!
    I am so happy this movie doesn't have crappy 80s CGI monsters too, but rather practical effects! It aged so well!
    I like that this movie had more action than the first one; horror movies that are slow work, but they actually have to be either suspenseful or scary, and the first one was neither, it was just slow. But this had some fun action!

    The marines seemed silly at first; I have not been in military, but would imagine them being perfectly trained, obedient drones. But here they reminded me of highschool days. Maybe in a chow hall, sure, but in front of their commanding officer? But at the same time the officer is a new, green guy without much of a combat experience, so maybe they just don't respect him.

    Alien using lift was amusing—I can imagine him pressing the button to move up and then waiting for a while patently while lift music is playing. I am not sure whether it was intended comic relief or what? Or maybe they just wanted to demonstrate that these creatures are more intelligent than your normal predator? Disconnecting electricity, now operating machinery, etc?

    Overall I rate the movie: :cool:
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    Werewolf by Night (2022)
    "On a dark and somber night, a secret cabal of monster hunters emerge from the shadows and gather at the foreboding Bloodstone Temple following the death of their leader. In a strange and macabre memorial to the leader’s life, the attendees are thrust into a mysterious and deadly competition for a powerful relic—a hunt that will ultimately bring them face to face with a dangerous monster."

    This one was short, like 55 minutes or something, but it was amazing! I guess it's a horror comedy, more comedy than horror though, cos not really scary. But there were some good action!
    I like it; I rate it with this smiley face: :cool:
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    Lord of the Rings The Two Towers 8/10
    i never really was into fantasy stories but i enjoyed it more than i expected, i preferred the fellowship of the ring tho
  8. Brain-Police

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    All the President's Men - Alan J Pakula - (9/10)

    A total classic journalist/detective-ish/whistleblowing movie! Amazing performances from everyone involved, great suspense, and it keeps you guessing on how everything unfolds, even if you know the ending, due to this being a true story. About two journalists investigating Watergate. This is my 2nd time rewatching it, and admittedly, didn't appreciate it as much the 1st time, even though I thought it was good and well-made the 1st time I watched it. Brilliant movie. If you're looking, or are interested in journalist films, couldn't recommend this one enough. Watch it! It's a classic for a reason.

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    I have had serious anime and series addiction over the past year , often not caring about exams or family functions.So I tried abstaining from it but I was back into binging after a few days.

    So this time I am going to try a different method , I am going to watch 1 movie per day for the next 100 days
    Rule : I can only watch 1 movie per day and no series and anime.
    1.Fight club (17/12/2022)

    I would a give 9/10 for this movie for the story part but for the extreme violence and derogatory attitude of protagonist I would only give it a total of 7.5/10. Actually if you were to compare it GOT and all , the violence portrayed in the movie would seem to be nothing .

    It was actually a thought provoking movie , and I would say it is a good movie.The story was great but I didn't exactly like the climax.
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    See How They Run

    After seeing the trailer I didn't think I would enjoy it so much but I found it to be a humourous film with a well-written story. There is a twist towards the end that I didn't see coming and I thought Saoirse Ronan was excellent in it.
  11. OhWhenThe

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    The third Jordan Peele movie, after Get Out(10/10) and Us(4/10), was hoping it would be a return to form but .... nope. Seems a lot of people liked it but I just found it to be extremely boring. Over two hours as well and it felt even longer watching it.
  12. ndaty

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    Winter's Bone, 7.5/10
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  13. The revenant is one of my favorite. I've seen the trailer back then but due to Brain Fog and Anhedonia I couldn't watch it the year it came out.
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    The French Dispatch

    After watching this I have some vague idea of what it's about but some of it doesn't make sense. Having said that I don't think the purpose of the film is to tell a story that made sense, it was to make a visually interesting film which they do. Every scene is like a moving painting. It is truly a work of art. I should add there's a fair bit of nudity in it but it didn't bother me since it was artistically done.
  15. Four Christmases - 6/10

    Not bad. It is a common holiday movie, but good enough to make me laugh. A good entertainment for the family. The ending with their child was quite rushed, though.
  16. ndaty

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    Nightmare Alley, 7/10
  17. One Eyed Owl

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    Falling Down 8/10

    Pretty good movie. Really loved Michael Douglas's character. His portrayal

    Seven 7/10

    Fairly okay murder plot.

    Stargate 6/10

    Pretty okay film. I like the lore and idea of the film. Outside that it was not the greatest thing. Curious to see if the TV series expanded on the ideas.

    Die Hard 9/10

    Pretty good film with really good characters. Of course it some of the greatest lines in film.

    Lethal Weapon 8/10

    Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are probably the best parts of this movie.

    A Christmas Story 9/10

    A quite good movie.

    It's A Wonderful Life 10/10

    Probably one of the most classic Christmas movies. For good reasons.
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  18. Never Let Me Go--- 8/ 10
    Very nice and sad movie.

    Spellbound-------- 7/ 10
    Good but old fashioned. Psychoanalysis ...

    The Menu --- 9/10
    Very good movie. Very clever way of making.

    Repulsion ----- 9/ 10
    Disturbing, violent.

    Collateral Beauty ----- 7/ 10
    Slow but good.

    Crimson Tide ---- 7/ 10
    Very good movie.

    Tootsie -- 6/ 10
    Good old fashioned comedy.
  19. Evans59

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    The last movie I saw was Very Wild Things. I liked this movie, and I can call it the best comedy I've seen. Even though it's old, I was able to watch it in good quality thanks to soap2day.
    Overall, I give it a 10/10 rating. Wasn't bored for a second.
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  20. Movie : Rebel Without A Cause(1955)
    PR: 8 /10

    After moving to a new town, troublemaking teen Jim Stark (James Dean) is supposed to have a clean slate, although being the new kid in town brings its own problems. While searching for some stability, Stark forms a bond with a disturbed classmate, Plato (Sal Mineo), and falls for local girl Judy (Natalie Wood). However, Judy is the girlfriend of neighborhood tough, Buzz (Corey Allen). When Buzz violently confronts Jim and challenges him to a drag race, the new kid's real troubles begin.
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