Reached ~90. Here's a prelude to my experience.

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    The day is nearing its close, and I have to depart for sleep soon- that means I cannot offer a complete exegesis on my development and progression during the preceding three months, though I plan to in the near future. In this thread, I will not offer an extensive collection of benefits that I have noted from time to time, though they are indeed plenty in quantity, but will instead touch on something more fundamental in hopes to inspire you, readers, to commit to this cause until you are absolutely depleted of will. That is not to come off as peremptory or self-certain (I am not in right to consider myself to have earned a state of worth, I still experience intrusive thoughts from time to time and I can 'feel' the effects of hyperstimuli on my base neural circuitry.. in other words, I am still battling the remnants of an indulgent past even 3 months later), and I want to make clear that this is only my experience in practicing this discipline - division and criticism not at all disallowed, and is viewed as a great source for healthy discussion and individual openness.

    Topic 1) Against crossing one's virginity:

    "Monk-mode" Nofap, or otherwise the general concept of practicing continence/sexual-restraint in all crude forms, involving the cleanliness of the mind (no attempted visualizations, no fantasmal imagery) is - by far - the most effective way of reinstating the mind to its before state that was not as greatly influenced by the evils of PMO (in my view all three, though in different degrees, can be seen as having an evil root that may coax the unenlightened man). I consider these actions evil, given that their sole intent to elicit a particular emotion or abject pleasurable feeling, because they are means of evolutionary exploitation - particularly in conscious mammals, who are given a divine spark to understand the world and settle their mark not just for others but, more intrinsically, for themselves. To indulge in any sexual experience - to renounce sustainable virginity (sustaining it, though not a necessity, is not 'damaging' in any way) - is comparable to consciously breaking the tie with sobriety and may speak to one's character and fluid definition of themselves. An identity of blind acceptance may cause meaning to be disarranged or otherwise lost in the long term. In place of expressing virility through sexual routes, use your given fortitude to establish habits and really solidify your sense of self. Indeed, Nofap will help you manage this in ways nothing else ever could.

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