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    I started masturbating since at the age of 8 yrs and today i am 19 years old
    I am gonna fuck this porn.but the main problem of mine is that i developed shortness of breath i can't even go upstairs it feels i am too exhaust
    When i was 14 years i i know i am in karate class at that time i could run for almost 30-40 mins
    But today the reality is that I can't even run for a minute..i exhaust too much

    I am fearing that what is meaning of going to gym and doing exercise like jogging swimming etc because i can't breathe proper air in my lungs

    I just want to be perfectly normal
    I used to tell myself that first i will quit PMO then my breath will be control but what about exercise how can i do it plz answer
    Currently i am not exercising because of shortness od breathe.
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  2. justname

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  3. Agent

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    How is your current diet? Do you practice any physical activity?
  4. Mr doctor

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    No bro no diet and exercise
  5. Agent

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    That helped me with those issues a lot, i would recommend
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    wats ur height and weight bro?
  7. skybrowser

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    Like the above have suggested you may want to check your diet, or your weight may be a factor.
    The symptoms you mention are also experienced by people with long covid so you may want to get that checked.
  8. Mr doctor

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    My height is 5.6
    And weight is 45-50 kg bro
  9. PanteriMauzer

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  10. Mr doctor

    Mr doctor Fapstronaut

    Why u are saying its coronovirus
    This short ness of breath i have from past four years
    And corono just came last year
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  11. GhostRider@11

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    Follow DIP Diet:
    Step I: Till 12 noon, eat only fruits of 3 to 4 types including mango, banana, grapes, etc.
    Minimum amount to be consumed = Your body weight in kg × 10 => ……………. in gms
    For example, a 50kgs person should consume atleast 500gms of 4 types of fruits before 12 noon.

    Step II: Always eat your lunch/dinner in 2 plates.
    Plate 1 and Plate 2
    Plate 1 should consist of 4 types of vegetables like carrot, tomato, radish and cucumber, which you can eat in raw form.
    Minimum amount of Plate 1 = Your body weight in kg × 5 = …………….. gms
    For example, a 50 kg person should eat at least 250gms of 4 types of raw vegetables.
    Plate 2 consists of homely cooked vegetarian food with negligible salt and oil.
    First finish eating plate 1, in accordance with the above calculation. Then take plate 2 as much as you want to eat. The rules for lunch and dinner are same; however, we must remember to try to finish dinner by 7pm.

    For the first two to three days, you might feel satisfied with only plate one, and won't feel like eating more, then at that time you can reduce food items in plate two, but after two to three days, your body will adapt to the new diet, and in fact your digestive system will become even more stronger and your appetite will increase.

    Step III:- AVOID
    1. Animal food including milk products
    2. Multivitamin tonic and capsules
    3. Refined and packed food
    Try exposing your body to 40 minutes of sunshine on daily basis.(Don't take this lightly, it is compulsory)

    Even if you are suffering from weak bones or something, you are still required to remove milk from your diet. In reality, every food item contains calcium to some extend, that's why you won't ever about someone's death because of calcium deficiency. All animals stop consuming milk within few weeks of their birth, still they don't suffer from calcium deficiency from where do you think they get calcium, well from plants. Humans are the only species who drink milk throughout their life.
    If you still want to drink milk, then try to find milk of desi cow, the milk available in market is from jersey cow, jersey cow produces more milk, but that milk is not at all helpful to humans, instead it is more harmful.
    Finland, Sweden and Denmark are among countries with highest milk consumption, and these are the countries having highest osteoporosis and other bone-diseases. On the other hand, Vietnam and Thailand are countries with least milk consumption, and they also have least bone diseases in population.

    The idea behind this diet is to to increase raw fruits and vegetables in your diet. It is well known that our body is more capable of absorbing nutrients from raw fruits and vegetables than from vitamin supplements, and moreover raw diet don't have any side effects.
    Hunza Indians and PIMA Indians were two civilizations. In both civilizations people normally tend to live life longer than 100 years, and both civilizations had similar food habits. 90% of their diet comprised raw plants and vegetables and almost no salt and sugar. No one in these two civilization ever suffered from lifestyle diseases like cancer or heart attack. Hunza civilization is almost still the same but PIMA Indians are one of the most diseased civilization, it happened because PIMA Indians gave their land to US government for getting free food supply for their entire life. Then government started supplying packed fast food, and the result was that within 20 years almost everyone in the PIMA population became sick from one or the other diseases like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity etc. According to china study, researchers changed diet of few of these individuals back to 90% plant based diet. It was found that within the time span of only two to three years, the sample group became healthy again.

    These researches won't ever be told to you by your doctors nor by any corporation, because it will destroy their businesses. There is no one to advertise it, instead their are people who want to hide it.
    Raw plant and vegetable diet along with nofap will surely heal your body. Your body is a really good doctor and it can easily heal itself, just don't trouble it with inappropriate diets and harmful medicines.
  12. S W

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    Go see a doctor. Shortness of breath isn't normal.

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