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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Don Peter Clemenza, Jul 5, 2021.

  1. Don Peter Clemenza

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    I was thought how pathetic is to be 23 years old and have had sexual expriences only with your hand watching fake girls on your screen fucked by someone else.

    It's really a pussy thing. I feel like a damn pussy not a man.

    If my friends would discover this I'd be mocking for the rest of My Life. Some of them are 18 and already have fucked plenty of beautiful girls. I feel like a fuckin loser.

    I don't deserve anything but loneliness because if I'd be engaged with a girl she would feel I'm pussy After the first 5 minutes and dump me.
    Now I know why I've never had a girl. Which hetero girl wants to be with a pussy?
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  2. Nikounik

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    Your friends are not addicts, they are NOT better than you, they just have DOPAMINE.
    You deserve good life but your road will be thorny.
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  3. RiseToGreatness

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    bro, there is one thing you can do to stop being "a pussy". gain self-mastery.

    do the reboot, break free from porn and masturbation and you´ll conquer any goal.

    do it!!

    here´s a push ;)

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  4. Abel100%

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    Reinicia ... ánimo, La noche y el amanecer, son como la Muerte y la Nueva Vida .... Un día es un paso a la vez ...
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