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    About the Accountability Partners Section:

    Find an accountability partner - these are pairs or small groups (2-20) who hold themselves accountable for their masturbation or pornography habits.

    General Guidelines:
    Accountability Partners are pairs or small groups of people who hold each other accountable for their sexual habits. Typically, partners swap contact information and check in with each other every day to mutually provide support for reaching their goals.

    New Thread Formatting


    • Include your age if you are comfortable doing so.
    • Many people prefer to be paired with those who are of the same sex/gender/religion. If you are comfortable doing so, please include that type of information in your thread title.
    • Include any important specific goals. ("For 90 days PMO free", "Hard mode 30 days", etc)
    • Please describe more about yourself and what you're looking for in a partner. You should try to list as many factors as you feel comfortable with as the more factors you include, the more compatible you'll be with your partner. Asking for someone similar to yourself would be best. For example, "I'm a 20 year old male American undergrad looking for another male American undergrad."
    • Be sure to include your preferred method and frequency of contact. ("Skype video conferencing twice per day")
    • Please be respectful of the original poster's preferences. If you do not fit the criteria they have established, please move on to another thread.

    Staying Safe

    The NoFap organization is not to be held liable for interactions between accountability partners found through NoFap. Proceed at your own risk.

    It is strongly recommended that you refrain from sharing your personal contact information in-thread and operate, at least in the beginning, strictly through private message on the forum.

    Never share passwords. Don't share any information you are not completely comfortable sharing. Beware of trolls. Read some articles on safe internet usage.

    Be wary of sharing personal information such as your name, phone number, etc. For maximum safety, we recommend only connecting through the NoFap private messaging system on the forum.

    NoFap cannot provide support for interpersonal conflicts between accountability partners. If your accountability partner isn't working out, you'll have to resolve that issue between yourselves. For serious matters between accountability partners, such as harassment or extortion, we recommend contacting the proper authorities or a lawyer.

    Remember, group minimum is 2, absolute maximum is 20.

    We have noticed people trying to skirt by our do-not-advertise rules by creating giant accountability groups / brands, which are often eventually used to market goods or services. Advertising isn't the intended purpose of this section and posts soliciting mass amounts of personal contact information from users will be removed by moderators. Groups above 20 people disrupt the original purpose of this forum (we intend it to be for forging personal connections between NoFap users) and according to research, are simply impractical.

    Threads that belong in this section:

    • Requests for accountability partners
    • Notices about accountability groups
    Threads that do not belong in this section:
    • Accountability groups with more than 20 members (report to the moderation team)
    • Accountability groups that use the NoFap name in their title (such as “British NoFap Discord”) (report to the moderation team)
    • Any other threads that do not fit the parameters listed in the “threads that belong in this section” list (belongs in appropriate forum section)
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