Read this First: What is the NoFap Technical Support Section and what belongs here?

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    About the NoFap Technical Support Section:

    Discussion about NoFap itself - the forum, the website, the apps, etc. Need technical support or want to make a suggestion? This is a great place to get in touch with the team and share your suggestions/feedback.

    Threads that belong in this section:
    • Suggestions for improving the forums
    • Requests for new user groups
    • Suggestions for new products/services (or contact NoFap)
    • Suggestions for new forum policies
    • Questions about using the site
    • Alerts about broken/not functioning accounts/counters/signatures/avatars/etc
    Threads that do not belong in this section:
    • Reporting particular posts. Utilize the “report” button underneath rule-breaking posts
    • Soapbox threads intended to stir up drama (concern trolling)
    • Posting complaints or “witch-hunts” about particular users (contact the moderation team privately)
    • Appealing bans or moderation sanctions (contact the moderation team by either replying to a notice or reporting a post)
    • Complaining or complementing about a particular moderator (contact NoFap administration)
    • Any threads that do not fit the parameters listed in the “threads that belong in this section” list (belongs in appropriate forum section)
    • Support inquiries about Store orders, Premium, or other paid products or services. Instead, open a support ticket.
    • Not that this should need to be said, but no personal insults or threats against team members or other forum users. That violates the global forum posting rules and terms of service for using the website.
Thread Status:
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