Read this First: What is the Self Improvement Section and what belongs here?

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    About the Self Improvement Section:

    Recovering from addiction often goes along with becoming a better person. Here you can discuss about other areas of life (health, fitness, dating advice, social dynamics, spirituality, etc).

    Threads that belong in this section:
    • Threads about exercising
    • Threads about meditation
    • Threads about quitting non-porn-related addictions (cigarettes, drugs, video games, internet addiction, gambling, etc)
    • Threads about becoming more sociable/ making friends
    • Threads about being comfortable with being uncomfortable
    • Self improvement journals (make sure they are about self improvement and not quitting porn)
    • Threads about changing your diet
    • Threads about increasing testosterone
    • Threads about cold showers
    • Threads about picking up hobbies/ creating new habits
    • Threads about quitting social media
    • Threads about fasting
    • Threads about sexual transmutation and semen retention
    • Threads about becoming a better person
    • Threads about studying
    • General motivation
    Threads that do not belong in this section:
    • Rebooting challenges (belongs in Rebooting if unthemed, Sandbox if themed)
    • Improving chances for a date/romantic relationship (belongs in Dating During a Reboot)
    • Improving sexual dysfunctions through diet, exercise or other means (belongs in Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions)
    • “I’m about to relapse” threads (belongs in Porn Addiction)
    • Porn blocker recommendations (belongs in Porn Addiction)
    • “My history with porn” threads (belongs in New to NoFap or Porn Addiction, depending on whether they have introduced themselves yet or not)
    • Advice on rebooting (belongs in Rebooting)
    • Self-improvement challenges (belongs in Challenges)
    • Any other threads that do not fit the parameters listed in the “threads that belong in this section” list (belongs in appropriate forum section)
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