Reading life goals in toilet on single paper piece

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    I tried this it helped me nearologically... I stay in bachealar room always noisy wid boys.. No place to read inspiring things... I wake up go to toilet.. I wear underwear having a pocket.. I keep my life s goals written there . I read them while in toilet.. If v r in shitty room it doesn't mean our Thoughts also to b shitty right.... I read that paper everyday since 2years....bcs of which I received more promotions in my job... Since I can control my thoughts... Many f my friends ask how can u b so energetic and inspired always .. I share to very few my toilet inspiration technique u guys also try... It really changes ur neurological vibrations, keeps u hopeful, inspired, releases happy harmonies like Dopomine, endorphins,,, makes u more successful try this friend's... Its never late to refresh life until our death one day fr sure

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