Ready to Destroy my iPhone - Any Advice?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by HMJ33, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. HMJ33

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    A few days ago I watched my 41 day nofap hardmode streak end because of social media on my phone. I swore to myself that I would be stronger and not use Facebook on my phone (all the apps are deleted but I can't seem to stop myself from using safari). And tonight I found myself victim of the same situation! :mad: I love and hate my iphone...

    Any advice from other nofap users as to how to control the use of your smartphone?

  2. coolmike87

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    I had my dad go into settings, general, restrictions, and he turned off safari and my app downloading ability...
    The alternative is to pay for covenant eyes and it has a browser that you can download on your phone... youll still need someone to put restrictions on safari and app downloading...
    Goodluck man! Id just block it all. You'll still have gps and watever apps you need... goodluck...
  3. Hiroki

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    I thought about giving up a smartphone for some basic POS that couldn't even browse the internet or use apps. But then I thought, what if I am going to take some girl's number into my phone? What would she think if I pulled out some cheap piece of crap? Not that I'm saying anything is wrong with not having a smartphone...I guess I'm caught up on appearances maybe? Honestly I would get a little POS if it wasn't for being embarrassed to wield the phone in public. Anyways I'm still not sure what to do with my smartphone.

    I think the answer is, there is no solution for this. We're grasping at the branches of the problem, when we need to pull this problem up by the roots, in our minds. Technology will always be there, some form of pixelated female will always be available for you to succumb to.

    We need to control the use of our own mind.
  4. I've Done this to My Android,I Just Rooted it and Deleted the Basic Internet Apps,and Rest of the Social Apps.So I Can't Click on Any Link,as i Have No Browser.It Worked for me and You Should also Search on Google for IPhone.:)
  5. jmark

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    Destroy your smartphone.
  6. kumar123456

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    yes,e1 i face the same problem with smartphone.
    try to use an app-self control.
    once u start it and set the timer,then u cannot access any app.
  7. Whitemike

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    There is always going to be mental fuel available. Most of us have tried and failed blocking access to fuel. So if you can't keep it under control, I'd say ditch the smart phone. I have no data at all on mine and no browsers. It's all blocked and I don't know the code. The only social media app I have is Instagram, and I am thinking of ditching it too.

    What is worth more, your happiness and success, or a stupid smart phone?
  8. All of the above suggestions are valid, and the ultimate truth is that if it that much of a vice for you, then maybe you need to trade down for a 'stupid' phone.

    That being said, if you want to install a filter that allows you to block a significant and growing list of porn sites, plus adverts and any other specific sites (such as FB) that you would like, look into OpenDNS as an option. Easy to configure and to install. You may want to have someone else set the password on it though so that you do not have access to undo it in a weak moment.
  9. NoFapAsian

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    Don't carry it with you.. Leave it in your car. You run the risk of it being stolen but what are the chances of that occurring in comparison to you relapsing? You make the call on that, it's not my fault if anything happens :)
  10. I gave up my smartphone for the most basic phone I could find and deleted Facebook (I've been on it seen 2008 and was very active) and I've never been happier and felt more free in my entire life yo. It's tough as damn hell but it pays dividends for centuries.
  11. persian29

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    heres my advice: send it to me!

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