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    I discovered the effects of porn use and realized I was addicted in April. I found NoFap in May. And yet, Im still struggling, not with withdrawals, but with porn. Instagram is my problem, even if I get a 30+ day streak of no PMO, I'm still making my rounds through Instagram, looking at pictures I shouldn't. I was talking to one of my friends the other day who used to be addicted (since quitting he has an awesome girlfriend and his life is going great) and he told me that to quit, I needed to never touch my dick even when pissing, just leave it alone. He also said when an urge hits, start thinking about something that'll make you feel guilty about it like the bible. Im not super religious but I'll try it out. My strategy is just to pretend sex doesn't exist for now, just not worry about girls or sex. Stop checking to see if my flatline is over. I just need to focus on myself. I started with PMO when I was 11, so I have never really known what my normal is. Im guessing this'll be a 2+ year endeavor to be completely healed, but I feel like in 6 months I'll have significant positive changes. My friend also said if I ever get an urge, text him and he'll send me memes to get my mind off it lmao. So heres my first goal. 180 days No porn, masturbation, orgasm, edging, fantasizing, and lewd/"it's not porn so it's fine" pictures. I'll update after 180 days. Here we go.
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    Hey brother, I agree 100% about social media challenges. I have deleted all of my social media (Instagram and Facebook), and it has made my recovery a lot easier. Best of luck to you on this journey.
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