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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Freakazoid, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. Freakazoid

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    Hello guys!

    I don't know where to begin with exactly. I was masturbating since I was 13. Since then I was masturbating like once per day, but not to porn. I think it was a normal rate for a 13 yr old. When I was 22, I got to know my ex-girlfriend. We came together and had a great time at first. She was the first girl I had set with as well. After about one year, things went downhill when she didn't want to have set at all. I was still masturbating daily while being I a relationship with her. Using porn of course. Since I didn't get to have Sex with her anymore, I masturbated so much until I got bored of normal porn. Then I came across the furry fetishes, namely yiff and stuff. I landed inside a cyber sex chat room where you create a furry profile and then sex RP with other people.

    I got quickly addicted by that stuff so that I was excited to login everyday when I was not with my girlfriend. Over time, my needs for satisfaction became stronger, and so I got into darker and more extreme kinks, kinks that are outright disgusting. I kept logging in there daily and masturbated in that chat room for like 3 to 6 hours. Which is extreme.

    Then, we broke up due to her betraying me. I was so shocked that I locked myself up in my house after work everyday, consuming even more of this furry chat thing. This has been going on since 2011 and I am logging in to that place every day still. It has been affecting a lot of things:

    -I can't get erect from normal stimulation
    -Real girls don't wake any interest in me
    -I can't really maintain an errection for long
    -I get more and more depressed with my situation every day.

    I hope to get rid of this addiction and to get my old life back, I mean my old self.

    Wish me luck mates.....
  2. aakkss

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    have faith in yourself and you will beat your problem.
    stay healthy.... stay strong.... stay away from PMO....good luck and God bless....

    you can reply me here if you want motivation or tips...
  3. michgem0707

    michgem0707 Fapstronaut

    I know how the porn and downward spin to the worse sites available. The porn has been the easiest for me to break mainly because of how bad the sites were. Journal what tempts you and replace these with things that are good and help your heart and mind to be stronger from masturbating. Prayers for you.
  4. JensDK42

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    Feeling clean again is definitely one of the best things about nofap.

    You need to forgive yourself for those fetishes, you'll be stronger for the endeavor that's ahead.
  5. definitelySerious

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    Hello @Freakazoid - you are not alone. Welcome, and well done for taking the step of posting in this forum! Post regularly in a journal if you can, as it will help you be positive about the fight, and you can use your time in front of a computer constructively. I find it's empowering to help other people as it takes me out of myself. Thank you for sharing your journey and good luck!

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