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    Afternoon everyone! I am a 36 year old male, husband, and father to two beautiful children and one heavenly baby. The first time I saw porn was on Cinemax when I was 12 years old and had no idea what I was watching, but was excited by the female body (even though I didn't know why). I didn't actually start using porn until I was about 16, so it has been a struggle for the last 20 years. It has had a big impact on my life as far as intimacy, motivation, anxiety, focus, lingering thoughts, compulsive eating, weight gain, etc... I've finally decided to quit because my family deserves the best of me and I deserve to be set free from this bondage. My chosen parameters are PM as I definitely want to build the intimacy again with my wife. We just had a baby recently so this is also a good time to help get my mind and body right. As of right now, I have a few days under my belt with no PMO and can't wait to have more with the help of a supportive community of Fapstronauts!!! :)
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    You got this! I am a new fapstronaut too and already experiencing benefits.
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  5. Amen, brother! Praying for your success!
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