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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by OrganizeInformed, Jul 3, 2021.

  1. Considering even the Off Topic section has a note about discouraging low quality posts, I'm thinking of no longer supporting the really short off the top of your head kind of questions just because it probably doesn't help anyone. It effectively ends up creating mostly empty content (which also makes more meaningful content harder to find) when people probably need to read a more organized guide of some kind, but it is entirely possible they have literally never done that in this process and it's entirely a social media experience with tiny bits of (probably unqualified) advice sprinkled here and there.

    Obviously there's not going to be agreement on one guide, and for a large segment you may need a video and not any real serious reading even if it's like 5-10 pages (and even if it's double spaced big font) but the point is some organized and structured way to understand and approach reboot is needed, and not be a waste of everyones time even if people don't consider it a waste of time. It may not be a waste of time from the perspective of general socializing but in terms of getting a better reboot it may be getting nowhere fast. None of this means you can't have more social threads where you might even play a bit like the ones under Off Topic, but just to have a clear distinction between the two.
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