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  1. My mind is consistently telling me lies about psubs. I refuse to believe them.
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  2. Christian Fox

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    I believed them.
    1 + 0/7
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  3. Well, what did they promise to you this time?
  4. Christian Fox

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    Nothing. They can't. They just demanded that I listen (it was asmr, I hate that stuff, but still it can turn on). When I started listening, my brain was turned off (like in "turn off the computer") and I went to autopilot.
  5. 2 + 0/7

    An obvious reset for me as well.
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  6. Escaped again into fantasies, so another reset follows. The day is not done yet, so I must make sure that this is not an excuse to start searching for psubs.
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  7. And I couldn't do this. No, I just didn't do this. There was no reason why I couldn't do it.

    Psubs are to fill the void left behind by porn. It's still porn. I need to make a proper reset.
  8. Christian Fox

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    1 + 1/7
    Getting back on track.
  9. 2 + 1/7

    Getting on the right track feels good. It's a relief compared to the struggle you create for yourself by distracting your mind with fantasies.
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  10. Christian Fox

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  11. Blessedboy❤️

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  12. 2 + 1/7

    Even though the whole day would have been smooth and fine, the time when you go to bed is going to be a test. It's best to be tired that time.
  13. 2 + 2/7

    Be busy! Fantasies won't keep up.
  14. 2 + 5/7

    Do yourself a massive favor and don't start entertaining any what-if-just-one-look thoughts.
  15. 2 + 0/7

    I kept on reading some triggering stuff, so I can't possibly count this day as successful. A completed week was again so close.
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  16. 2 + 0/7

    I got yet again a great lesson that I must not slip from my standards. If you start slipping, more and more trouble will follow. This is such an unstable ground that we're walking on.

    After reading that bullshit yesterday, my state of mind weakened in such a way that I welcomed fantasies in the evening and next morning. I even searched for psubs later.

    Searching for psubs is something I never get away from without a punishment. It's amazing how looking at a picture will disturb you. I feel so awkward and tense. I don't think it matters so much what the content of your psubs are. It's more about the decision to start searching. The rush it creates feels horrible.

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