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  1. 3 + 0/7

    A fairly typical reset. Otherwise the day was easy, but when I couldn't get sleep quickly, it became very difficult.
  2. The last week has been full of days when there's been no chance of putting more numbers to the counter.
  3. This is so hard for me at the moment. At the same time, I notice how useful it would be to do better.
  4. I'm very happy to be able to write 3 + 1/7.
  5. 3 + 0/7

    I have realized that where you direct your attention during the day indeed affects what kind of dreams you have. Last night, for example, I was having a porn related dream after a day that made me reset my reboot counter anyway.
  6. Had a really tough time a couple of nights ago. Now at 3 + 2/7.
  7. 3 + 3/7

    I have a feeling that now I'm going to make it to a fourth week.
  8. 3 + 4/7

    Sometimes it's so easy to start taking steps in the wrong direction by reading something triggering. I didn't make it easy for me in this sense.
  9. And the next day I was already watching some psubs. 3 + 0/7
  10. I need to come up with an idea to start getting out of this challenge what I intend. I'm just being a spectator, I'm not doing a good job.
  11. 3 + 1/7

    Thoughts, who do you think will believe you anymore?
  12. I hit my thoughts very far with a huge tennis racket. I thought I won but the game was not over. My serve was broken but I'm going to take it back.
  13. 3 + 1/7

    Surprisingly few thoughts to be brought down, hardly any.
  14. 3 + 2/7

    Again it felt easy, but I must be prepared and stay alert.
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  15. 3 + 0/7

    Tough, life is sometimes. But it's good to feel the real feelings.
  16. 3 + 1/7

    I got a very explicit image in my mind before falling asleep. Instead of looking at it, I directed my gaze into the Sun, in my mind, that is. Amazingly, it worked because effectively I was blinded.

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